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Populo 20V Max Lithium-Ion Drain Auger – CDAL-2004
Clog Remover for Sinks, Toilets, and Bathtubs.

Populo 20V Max Lithium-ion Cordless Drain Auger is a significant improvement to manual or corded type drain cleaners, very convenient use and is perfect for clearing the clogs from kitchen or bathroom pipes up to 2 inches. It is equipped with a 25 Ft. reinforced flexible cable (7.0mm) which will minimize kinking, is capable of reach to those hard-to-reach places, suitable for complex “S’ or “L” pipes. This unit is a part of the Populo 20V Max System.

✭ Populo drain auger is easy to use! We have a video to introduce what is a drain auger used for?. The Flexible Cable (7.5mm) and 20V Battery are changeable, and Amazon is selling them!  Plumbing snake hair drain clog remover.

✭If you have any questions about the drain auger cleaner, please contact us via Amazon or Email Customer service. We will reply to you in 24 hours!

✭LITHIUM-ION 20V MAX & VARIABLE SPEED – Powers up for a longer runtime. Battery fuel gauge easy to check how much power is left and when it needs to be recharged. The Lithium-ion battery pack is interchangeable with other tools part of Populo 20V Max System, and we sell the battery; it is changeable! You can adjust the speed freely to suit different projects by applying various forces on the switch to adjust the speed to 560 rpm.

✭ALL-IN-ONE Equipped: 2 5 Ft reinforced flexible cable (7.5mm) is changeable! Clears clogs with ease from drains from ¾ up to 2 in wide, including sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. Powered forward and reverse feeding mechanisms automatically make the cable down or back drains, and cable lock settings hold the line in place while tackling tough clogs.

✭ERGONOMIC DESIGN & LED Work Light: – delivers comfort and control; rubberized grip handles create a better working experience. Built-in LED work light increases visibility and precise control. On-board rear drain port prevents water build-up in the drum.


Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

Monitor the charge precisely, easy to check the remaining of battery charge and when need to be recharged. 

On-Board Rear Drain Port

Prevents water build up in the drum.

Replaceable Reinforced Flexible Cable

Segmented design allows to replace cable easily.



  • Voltage: 20V DC Max
  • Related Speed: 0-560/min
  • Dredging Capability: 3/4″~2″
  • Cable Diameter: 0.275″
  • Cable Length: 25ft
  • Battery Pack: 20V Max, 2.0Ah Li-ion
  • Charger Time : Approx. 80-min.
  • Weight: 8.2 lbs. (including 1 battery)


What’s in Box:

  • 20V Max Drain Auger x 1
  • 20V Lithium-ion Battery x 1
  • Fast Charger x 1
  • Tool Bag x 1
  • Glove x 1


Size: 7.24 × 10 × 17.25 inches
25 × 20 × 45 mm
Weight: 10.8 pounds

drain auger

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  1. Daniel Cabrera

    I ordered this auger because it was fairly inexpensive so I figured I’d take a shot didn’t expect much from it but this thing really puts in work I had a clogged bathtub. I put the snake in the pipe and it had enough power to run through the muck in the pipes also has 25 of cable I only went down about ten foot before the water started to drain. I hit the reverse mode on it pulled it back up and a glob of hair came with it very impressed with this item.

  2. kevin Segulin

    great tool it is a little heavy but do able. Paid a plumber 224.00 dollars to clean out one sink and I bought this tool and did the rest and it flows better than the one the plumber did.

  3. RPS

    Compact yet powerful enough to clear the clog. I needed almost all of the 25′ length to reach the clog. It did the job for way less than a single call for a plumber. Total job was done in less than an hour including disassembling drain, setting up protection, clearing clog, reassembling and clean-up.

  4. Anna

    I wasn¡¯t satisfied with the product maybe I didn¡¯t know how to used it but they are well
    Made they customer services is really good too

  5. David Wojtkowski

    Great value.

  6. lph

    liked the case to keep together and replaceable whip

  7. Jose C.

    It did a great job!! easy to use.


    It is easy to use and working good. I like it. It¡¯s easy to clean

  9. SuzyQQTop Contributor: Pets

    I was amazing this baby works great on old stubborn clog! The instructions are clear and easy to understand. It’s a little front heavy, but fabulous.

  10. AB

    Works really well compared to manual rooter. Takes a bit of time to get familiar with controls. Saves a lot of time and money.

  11. Mike Beard

    Worked for just what I needed and not too expensive

  12. Amazon Customer

    Worked very well

  13. Bailey Nelson

    Not quite long enough for our needs so we ended up renting one anyway. Appears to be sturdy.

  14. The Wiz

    Easy, fast and working

  15. Rick


  16. Ana M Colon

    Me gust¨®, fu¨¦ de mucha necesidad y beneficiosa,gracias a Amazon.

  17. Amazon Customer

    Great product for drain cleaning for the price.

  18. Amazon Customer

    worked wonderfully and is cordless, powerful, easy to use and works as advertised. clean up easy and retracts back in place smoothly. Nothing else worked but this took care of sink clog in 5 minutes. Suggest to clear pipe with full length of 25 feet. Paid for itself in 1 clog.

  19. dragon18

    After my toddler dumped the contents of my trash can into my toilet, our manual snake just didn¡¯t cut it (couldn¡¯t even feed the thing past the s curve). 30 minutes of charging the battery and 30 minutes of use and I have a usable toilet again! It was so easy! I did scratch the porcelain a little on the toilet, but mostly that was user error, having never used one of these.

  20. george w.

    Hope not to use it

  21. Michael Steiner

    Havent got to use the item yet but it seems like a powerful drain cleaner for what it is. Easily fits your hands for comfort. Cant wait to go to use it

  22. Brian P Brown

    Handy cordless drain snake. Directions in the manual are backwards from the way the controls operate, other than that, it works good.

  23. Miss T

    It’s just to short to do any good for me.

  24. Sandra Jeffers

    So I¡¯ve tried draino and liquid fire, nothing worked. But the populo auger tore right thru it no questions asked. I was surprised how much power this little puppy packed. When I hit the clog I felt it big down just a touch then it ripped right thru it and everything was back moving like I¡¯d expect it to be. I had a small problem with the battery and emailed populo they immediately shipped me out a new battery at no additional cost. Populo makes really good tools in general but I¡¯ve been amazed with the drain cleaner.

  25. madeline

    Brilliant. Cleared my drain in 2 minutes. Great value.

  26. Armando Paredes


  27. Ronald Madruga

    Great drain tool at a great price.

  28. Manuel alejando Orozco salinas

    Muy buen producto??

  29. J. Fields

    I¡¯m sure it¡¯s a wonderful product but it¡¯s just the wrong size for the job I need to do. It¡¯s just to small. this is my fault I didn¡¯t know what I neede.
    I¡¯m so sorry.

  30. Gregory Whitmire

    My first experience with this tool was awesome . My blocked drain didn¡¯t have a chance.

  31. Jesse C.

    It worked fine, I may have screwed it up, be careful when reeling it back in. But it got the job done

  32. Christopher Osborne

    Love this thing best ever

  33. Keith Scott

    Worked better then I could ever hope for.

  34. erick

    Well worth the money, I would recommend to any.

  35. Deb71753

    This thing saved me hundreds of dollars. Works so easy and priced good!!

  36. IN

    I watched several videos on how to use this on a clogged bathtub, so I was ready as soon as it arrived. I charged the battery, unscrewed the overflow cover and ran the snake down the drain. 5 minutes later, the drain was running faster than ever. Great product that¡¯s easy to use and worth the money.

  37. maddogmark

    Used the next next day after receiving, on drain at a hotel and worked perfectly. The auto feed is great and retraction, battery seems to last a good while.

  38. ????? ??????? ???????



    Muy buen producto!

  40. Lee A.

    Worth spending the money than doing it manually especially when bending down for long periods to snake the drain. It’s just simple and the line just goes out forward or reverse at the press of a button.

  41. Amazon Customer

    This thing is well worth the money. I had drain problems for years.. so instead of paying a plumber for a visit.. I decided to take a chance to see if this would work.. After a full charge.. I used it in my tub.. and to my surprise.. it worked great.. not only it unclogged my drain.. it took out a drain fitting that originally was broken off years ago and it dragged it out from the pipe..the spring loaded valve linkage.. I can’t believe it? I even had a plumber said that I needed to take the entire tub out to get this piece out of there.. fortunately this tool did the job and I can’t be more happy.. definitely would recommend to a friend… It work! And for the money.. you can’t beat it.. it paid for itself.. thanks for making a working product!

  42. Good Buy’s

    This is a great home tool in a great package that is reasonably priced. Comes with a durable storage bag.
    We regularly need our shower drain snaked at least twice a year at $100 per service call.
    We purchased this tool and easily cleared our clogged shower drain within minutes. Could not have been easier! We used it on some slow draining bathroom sinks as well which removed a lot of hair and opened them back up 100%. Very easy to use and impressive results for under $100.


    Very handy and does a good job on sink drains

  44. Kindle Customers

    Works perfect. I have already used it 3 times which has easily paid for itself plus some. Very easy to use and much more efficient then a hand snake.

  45. Amazon Customer

    Very nice Device will buy from the company again

  46. Jose


  47. Thea Charles

    This product directions was very easy to follow.

  48. edd1ejr

    Nice product for money

  49. Amazon Customer

    It did a wonderful job and cleaning out my pipes I didn’t have to hire a plumber and that was the best thing of all that I could do it myself

  50. David Marxman

    As a former Journeyman plumber in the residential side of the plumbing trade, I can say this is perfect for any clog!

  51. Amazon Customer

    Worked as it should have.

  52. nora dankmyer

    My unit arrived fully charged and I cleaned 2 drains right out of the box.

  53. Michael Hathaway

    Works great and I would buy it again.

  54. Heather

    After having hand crank and?/or drill powered snakes last just a couple of uses I figured I’d spring for one of these since we’re locked down due to the corona virus issue. With a 100 year old house, I’ve gone through a few snakes of various qualities, rented power augers and called plumbers. So I think I’ll get my monies worth.

    I searched Amazon and there seemed to be three brands that were made with the same tooling so I bought this one based on the lowest price.

    What makes it work so much better than a hand crank/drill driven snake is the feed feature and the way you hold the device. No stopping to let out more length of the snake. When you press the trigger, the snake is fed out of the a body of auger and the trigger has a good touch on it so you can go fast or slow. Since you’re holding it with both hands, you can get it close to the drain/pipe opening, so no kinking at the start.

    As I said, I have an old house with a couple of pesky sections of drain pipe that cause problems every few years. This one was in our bathroom sink. Now to be conservative, the clog I suspected was only 8′-10′ out. I did need to remove the P-trap to access the drain, If you’ve never done this before, make sure you have a bucket underneath everything to catch any water. I removed everything from storage and put dow some newspapers knowing that there would be at least a small mess to clean up.

    The auger arrived in less than one day, which was a day faster than promised. I found the directions easy to understand, and the battery was fully charged. I took my time to get comfortable with the machine and practiced to get a feel for the feed rate and how fast the wired rotated. I recommend that anyone else do the same.

    When I began to clear the drain, it was a cinch. I was able to get the auger just a couple of inches away from the opening to start. The LED light is a great feature as well and helped here. I chose to be slow and steady with my feed. Any slight binding and I put it in neutral to just spin for a minute, then proceeded. Two tricky bends and the clog (hair) was gone. I tried not to do much moving of the auger myself, rather I relied on the forward and reverse controls. I ran the snake out to nearly its full length just to make sure. 5 minutes at most. I took the auger outside and took a wet rag to the snake.I sprayed some silicone on it so that it would not rust while in storage.

    Worked great but I hope I never need to use it again.

  55. Amazon Customer

    Very easy handling. Sturdy construction and durable. Hopefully not going to get rusty.

  56. tomacuse

    Instructions were easy to understand. I had a slow running drain and gave this a try. Runs clear after use! Well built tool, worth the money. The only issue that I ran into, was the reverse was not working at first. I had to pull back on the handle a few times to get it to engage.

  57. sean Hyepock

    This thing is awsome and easy to use. Powerful little machine.

  58. Mr.Banner

    This is a perfect for small to medium size clogs. 25ft cable should help with minor clogged drains…anything over that will require a rental or professional service

  59. David Fischer

    The simplicity and ease of use makes this a must for any home. Paid for itself on its first use.

  60. Robert J Stoodt

    Great tool

  61. Yanker24

    I love this product because everything is built into one solid unit .I work for a half hour with a manual one and couldn¡¯t get the drain unplugged, So I ordered this unit and within five minutes the water was drained out.

  62. Robert Plant

    This power drain auger is very easy to use. It’s a complete package with everything you need. It saved me big buck because it cleared a clogged pipe an I didn’t need to call a professional drain company.
    It’s very easy to use and I highly recommend it to anyone !

  63. Bobby Mealer

    First of all this product was delivered on time or early. It features a durable design and a powerful 20 AMP battery. My thoughts were if it works one time its worth it because a plumber would charge 2 to 3 times the cost of this product. My plumber recommended another brand but when I looked at the price it was 2x more than this Populo. I asked him to check it out; he looked over the reviews and said it looks good to him and recommended me to purchase it. Therefore, I decided to purchase this product. Its easy to store.

  64. Lajollaman

    Worked great! Every home needs one of these.

  65. Pauline rickens

    Love it will definitely recommend

  66. C. Mayer

    Was a very good product for the money.

  67. Buddy Wosika

    Great little machine

  68. Morgan Rose

    First time DIYer in terms of snaking the shower in our new house. Worked great for simple clog in 2¡± shower, pulled out hair and grime. Plumber:$180. This machine:$90. Already up $90. Read directions carefully and you¡¯ll be good to go. So long rip off plumbers!!

  69. D.L.

    Easy to use and the battery last quite a long time; used it for 90 minutes, the battery still had about 2/3 of power
    left. The only complaint is when retracting the cable and getting to the point of the last 3 to 4 feet of the cable,
    you need to give it a little “stuff it in” type of action to get the cable to continue to be retracted.
    Overall, this is a good product and would recommend it.

  70. josue rodas

    Utilize este producto para destapar la ba?era y hizo su trabajo con excelencia por un buen precio!

  71. FAYUSO

    This product is excellent. This machine work perfect, and my drain problem was gone in less than ten minutes.

  72. Jason Brauer

    We have an old house with an old floor drain that backups more often than most. This tool will allow us to handle it ourselves rather than spend $160 each time the plumbing/drain company comes out.

  73. Liller

    Kitchen sink was clogged and populo drain cleaner took care of it with no problems

  74. Min

    The delivery came in two days, and turned out to be a blast! It is very easy to use and helped unclogged the gutters and downspouts of my house very quickly.

    Highly recommend everyone to purchase and use this tool for your house usage!

  75. Alexei White

    Overall works great. Carrying bag was a plus too.

  76. Shahbaz Farnad

    Great product! Had two plumbers come out and each quoted $150-200 to fix my drain which was backed up. I bought the populo for $100 and it did the job perfectly and easily. Great investment!

  77. Alex gomez

    It works amazing and the mechanics of it are amazing

  78. Tetherwald

    After 4 failed Green Gobler treatments and countless wasted hours plunging a stopped-up bathroom sink, I decided to spring for this electric auger. My 65-year-old house has numerous plumbing problems, and I have to call a plumber to clear a line once or twice a year. Within 15 minutes this device cleared the blockage. I noticed it was taking a wrong turn and going UP the vent stack instead of down the first few tries. Using the nifty rotation direction switch, I was able to take the proper turn downwards, right behind the wall.
    It’s already paid for itself, compared to a $130 plumber call. I expect I’ll still need the occasional main-line pro clean-out, but I should be able to clear most small jobs with this with ease.

  79. victor Alejo

    I liked it’s lightweight and speed

  80. Amazon Customer

    Pressure is great but the snake is too short need extension. But like it.

  81. Mark Ellis

    I purchased this Electric Drain Snake Auger because I had a backed up kitchen sink that I could not clear with drain cleaners and hand snake. It was easy to use and cleared the clog very easily! Great cordless auger!

  82. Luis M. Urena

    Buying this battery operating snake drain cleaner was important to me. The price was fair. It was more convenient and easy to use. I would recommend this product to any friend that wants a great product to unclog their bathtub and kitchen drain.

  83. EV

    Traditional snakes are one of my pet peeves. It’s about time this thing was invented. It’s amazing! No more dreading clogged sinks and wasting many hours on them. Yes!

  84. MoMo

    Very easy to use. Good product to have.

  85. Lyns F

    Electric snake Works great had issue for a little over a week. My neighbor priced about 5 hundred. Bought the snake.. worked right away saved 4 hundred.

  86. morino

    easy to use..

  87. masaury


  88. John Knapp

    It took a little bit to understand the reverse and forward given the two switches, but once I got going was very easy to use and paid for itself after the first use.

  89. Littyy

    Solved a clogged sink drain line. Very simple to use and perfectly sized for most homes. Saved me dinero.

  90. Sami

    The price and what you get for your money

  91. Danielle

    This product did the job when my main toilet got back up with bath tissue very easy use when watch the video on youtube.

  92. Julius

    Unplug the bathroom sink. Product is great and easy to use.

  93. Wyane Liverman

    Love the light weight and battery powered.

  94. Ella

    After 2 uses already saved hundreds on plumbers. We recommend

  95. ColinCr8mgs

    My washer drain was clogged again. It was very frustrating because every time I would run my washer the water would spill all over the floor because there was a blockage about 6 feet down. There’s a 90 degree curve in the pipe so I couldn’t just push a long rod down to unclog it. I paid a plumber $157 over a year ago to clear it. I tried to clear it this time by myself. Like the last time I used several different heavy duty drain cleaners from the hardware store. Nothing worked. I even tried a manual, turn it yourself snake but that didn’t work. After much research and a very difficult decision I purchased this Populo snake auger because it was an Amazon Choice and the price is very reasonable. It came with some flexible gloves which barely fit my small hands (I never used them) and a nice bag and instruction card and manual. After reading the instructions I gave it a try. It’s very well built, easy to use and powerful. Like the video showed the metal snake easily traveled through my pipe. It went down quite a ways and got stuck. I reversed it and it got unstuck. After a few minutes I rolled it back and tried my washer. It apparently cleared the clog in my drain because the water doesn’t overflow like before. If it does clog up I’ll just use this again. Mission accomplished. I’m so happy! 5 stars!

  96. Elizabeth U.

    Worked like a charm!

  97. Nature Lover

    This tool did a great job clearing my toilet plumbing pipe. It is very easy to use, had plenty of power, worked flawlessly. I ran the snake the full 25′ length down the plumbing pipe & retracted the snake fully, using it’s controls. The mechanism worked easily & effectively. For homeowners, I think this is a GREAT value for the money.

  98. song cao

    Nice product, easy to use.

  99. I Havittal

    Great price! Beat Harbor freight for same product by more than $50 & this one included 1 x 20v battery & charger + 1pair of utility gloves! HF sells same unit batt & charger not included & batt charget sold separately.

  100. Hank M Bennett

    Product worked to fix our clog so we didnt have to call a plumber. Good enough for me!

  101. Ash

    My toilet got backed up and used the regular snake with 6 feet reach which didn¡¯t take care of the issue therefore I ordered this from amazon which helped unblock it . It is very easy to use and comes with its own bag and keeps things tidy and clean

  102. David E. Ziel

    Worked like a charm. Does the job well. I do recommend. This is a very do it yourself device. Much better than hiring a plumber.

  103. dxh

    Like many others who’ve reviewed this item, I was tired of calling the local plumber once a year to unclog the kitchen line that leads to the sewer. There’s an access vent in the garage of our old house and it would gurgle for a few days, then start to puddle. The pipe is probably clogged with 60+ years of fat and grease and it doesn’t take much to close it up. I was a bit apprehensive about using this tool – would it extend through our pipes, is it long enough and strong enough to clear the debris? I tackled the job this morning and after 15 minutes the line was clean again (tested by running the kitchen faucet). My local plumber charges about $200 for a simple drain clean – this tool has paid for itself after just one use! Now I’m going to run it preventatively once a month to keep those old pipes clean.

    Amazon delivered this a day early, barely 24 hours after I bought it. Another great experience.

  104. Lorenzo

    Took care of a drain problem, that two separate plumbers couldn’t seem to clear.

  105. hp

    Very easy to use and solid device. The snake length is perfect, and in a few minutes it cleared a stubborn bathtub clog that was pretty far down the pipe. Worked like a charm, plenty of power, and very clear and concise instructions. More than paid for itself after the first use compared to a plumber¡¯s bill for the same work (!) Bag and gloves are a bonus! Highly recommended.

  106. A. Hoover

    Worked good

  107. Amazon Customer

    Don¡¯t waste your money on a plumber. For the money it is perfect. Great design, easy to use, works like a charm.

  108. Wei Ding

    The drain in our bathroom shower had been slow for quite a while. We tried to clean it with liquid plumber and a manual drain snake for many times without much improvement. We used this electric instrument and had very successful experience in the first try. It’s very easy to use, the cable could enter and extend in the drain smoothly, it must reached a super long distance and pulled out quite a lot mess that could not be achieved with manual snake cable. Now the drain problem was finally solved. Worth every penny of it! Couldn’t be more happier with the result.

  109. pp

    I was able to unclog my shower tub myself. I am very happy with this product. 11/10

  110. robert lee

    i love its very easy to use

  111. Jeannette Helvey

    Unclog my washing machine drain

  112. jim

    This works great at clearing drain. Feed the line in and out smoothly. The only issue I have with mine is the battery life is crazy short and had to recharge in a very short amount of time

  113. Vince Williams

    This auger was very easy to use and exceeded my expectations. After two tries of running the auger about 8-10 feet inside the toilet it was uncloged. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to save money and not hire a plumber.

  114. Angel S

    Very handy. Lightweight and easy to use under kitchen sinks as well as bathrooms. Battery also lasts long between charging cycles.

  115. Johnny

    This product is Awesome! I basically felt like a professional when using. I even made $50 helping out my neighbor. It¡¯s powerful and easy to use. This thing has saved me hundreds of dollars, and will probably save me more in the future.

  116. C

    Good snake for the price

  117. Denis C. Labine

    This tool is super easy to use. It goes forward and retract by simply selecting the direction with the lever. I¡¯ve already snaked 5 toilets, 1 kitchen sink and 3 bathroom sinks in 60 minutes! My plumber wanted $49 per use so saved a bundle. The battery is 20V so it lasts a long time.

  118. Phil Miller

    Works great, way easier to use than I was thinking. Light and compact with a great auto feed and retract feature.

  119. Pablo Su¨¢rez (EL CHECO)

    Me gust¨®, porque con el resolv¨ª un problema de tupision del drenaje de instalaci¨®n lavamano y fregadero,fue f¨¢cil su manipulaci¨®n,es bastante el¨¢stico pues se mete por las tuber¨ªas menos gruesas sin atorarse en sus curvas,se lo recomiendo a las personas k trabajan o no en plomer¨ªa,pues es muy ¨²til para el hogar

  120. William Wallace Murray

    It worked great!

  121. tluvjx3

    Was constantly having clogging issues in my kitchen sink and I was tired of asking for help/having to rent something so I bought this and was able to use it myself!!!!! Got my sink unclogged in about 20 minutes. I’ve only used it once, but that’s a great thing lol. I love how well it’s packaged,l…comes with convenient bag, gloves and easy to read instructions. So awesome. Having this in my home gives me peace of mind.

  122. Fidel Raul Munoz Dochado

    Que es muy f¨¢cil de operar pr¨¢ctica para la plomer¨ªa

  123. Nelson Pina

    Easy to use, and worked great to clear cloged drains.

  124. Amazon Customer

    This is a great product and easy to use

  125. robert demarco

    Very easy to use

  126. joseph r lawliss

    I have been using a hand crank snake for my not so new house…. the variable speed is key. I was able to snake out my shower and my washing machine drain. The only drawback is if you have to use it over your head is does weigh 8lbs. But just plan and allow the variable speed to guide the snake down the pipes… power is beyond ample… worked great.

  127. Lee

    I was sent a used one

  128. olushola emmanuel

    Works well but the snake is too small. Not long enough

  129. jose sanchez

    I love the quickness the power and Quick way to clean it.

  130. Shelli L Mosley

    Works good for what I bought it for. Easy to use and compact to travel in work vehicle.

  131. LA

    This is an awesome tool. Every home needs one for household clogs. Its very easy to use for anyone in the household and will save you money.

  132. Lori

    Very easy to use.

  133. Shauna Monae

    Got the job done! Unclogged the toilet (which was clogged for over 2 months) and kitchen sink. Happy with the purchase (:

  134. Amazon Customer

    It works, easy to use, and will save me $100 every 6months for a plumber.

  135. LisaEastCoastGurl

    Amazing little tool. Very powerful and it went through the muck in my sink pipes. It is easy to retract and I like hearing it clean through the messy stuck on greese in my pipes. As a child my dad always used a snake to clean the pipes and know I know why! It is rechargeable and has it’s own carrying case that makes it easy to put it away. If you need a powerful snake this will do the job.

  136. ddlj81

    Just note that the head is big to fit some faucet wash basin drains. However, underneath the basin, for hard clogs, if you open the drain and use this, it works amazingly. My kids had clogged the drain with mud and this was a savior.

  137. Tianhui Ni

    Gets the job done when needed, especially as a small restaurant owner every now and then rhe drain gets clogged really helped alot

  138. Omar Avila

    Me encanta f¨¢cil de usar

  139. Netnee

    After buying cheaper snakes at the local home improvement store that always seem to bend and break after one use. This snake surprised us by unclogging a tough blockage with minimal amount of effort.
    Very happy with the carrying case to keep everything in one place.

  140. Jeffery

    Works as advertised- The only drawback is that it uses proprietary battery / charger. Works so well it¡¯s a minor inconvenience.

  141. Kindle Customer

    Easy to use and got the job done. A good tool if you have kids or rental properties.

  142. Tony Redick

    Very good snake. It works really good for small jobs. I recommend this item.

  143. Amazon Customer

    Unclogged my shower in less than a minute

  144. Kindle Customer

    My mom’s tub was clogged up, and she was going to give in and call a plumber, because the chemical liquid drain cleaners didn’t work. My father passed away in April from the coronavirus, so all my mom has now are us three daughters to help her out with things like this. My dad would have done this job, and my mom wouldn’t have any problems. But I wanted to help her so I searched around and found this. It was easy to use, and it wasn’t super heavy for me. It worked like a charm.

  145. andrew

    This thing did better than roto rooter clearing a clog in my slop sink – roto rooter charged me $509 and they had to come back under the warrantee. It clogged again and I bought this thing and it worked. Just add enzymes to help things along

  146. joe

    Only use it once and did it’s job

  147. Katie Manetta

    Great item!

  148. Perry P

    Does a good job but if you feed it down your toilet it will scratch your porcelain.

  149. David W Henderson

    This power drain snake works quite well, I have used it several times already and it quickly and efficiently removed the clogs, saving me a ton of potential plumber fees. It more than paid for itself the first time I used it. It looks exactly like several other more expensive power snakes so I assumed they were all the same with different labels. I chose this one because it had a better price and it did not disappoint.

  150. George manias

    I love it.Easy to use.

  151. Megan Melder

    Works great for the bathroom tub!

  152. Ya

    Product worked well. It was easy to use and saved us from a $500 plumber bill.

  153. Amazon Customer

    This is a Must have for every homeowner

  154. Exkaphan Ritta

    Did the good job cleaned the 3 holes with the good power.

  155. AqueVedo

    I live in a house full of women- I use this tool on the regular and it works phenomenally.

  156. jacqueline daise

    My husband loves it and we are saving lots of money. Thank you

  157. mike

    Works perfect used 3 times and gots good power very fun and fast to get threw p traps for sink lines

  158. James Kent

    I don¡¯t write many reviews on Amazon but I felt this product deserved it. The product is easy to use and works great. For the price of one visit from a plumber, you can do it yourself and have it always handy.

  159. Jorge Garcia

    Easy to use and unclog my tub with no problem and no big spending

  160. Amazon Customer

    I was overwhelmed by the ease of use and effectiveness of this drain tool. Had been fighting a clog for months. This solved the problem in about 20 minutes. Worked as described and easy cleanup.

  161. Haoyu Zha

    Really liked this tool. Accidentally threw non-flushable wipes down toilet. Plumber was asking for $300 plus to come in. I bought this tool instead, and it worked like a charm.

  162. DB

    I’ve been fighting a problem area (drain from laundry and kitchen) in our basement for 15 years, but have managed to barely survive using a hand crank auger. Now I can run this unit the full 25 feet and have the battery work the snake for extra time as long as the battery lasts ( I did buy a second). The drain now not only opens up, you can hear the water flowing in the drain afterwards like it is really open and not just a “better” trickle.

  163. Lauro Barlan

    This tool is my lifesaver. Always perform well.

  164. Outdoor Native

    Worked SO well and saved us so much money. Got a really stubborn clog consisting of a tight bundle of hair clear.

  165. princess206


  166. Peter Pineda

    Does the job. Pretty powerful

  167. Joel

    It is really easy to use and works great easy to charge and clean up.

  168. dlb

    It¡¯s amazing and actually quite satisfying to root out those plumbing evildoers like hair, hair, and rubber bands used with hair.

    I like our plumber but this investment should keep a nearly annual appointment away until this machine dies. Which seems like a long time from now… it¡¯s made pretty tough.

  169. eva manning

    This is easy to use and a bargain to boot. I just love it. Also easy to store.

  170. Lilian

    Es muy f¨¢cil de usar y si funciona muy bien

  171. Adam Berg

    Works good for medium- minor clogs. Nothing insane lol

  172. Rich

    Works great to clear the clog in my pipe but there¡¯s no ¡°catch¡± at the end of the wire. It ended up getting stuck and I had to pull it out manually.

  173. Amazon Customer

    I can’t believe I didn’t order this before. It is so easy to use, you don’t have to take your trap apart under the sink it just snakes its way through it. Really easy to clean, just run hot water down your drain when you reverse it to bring it back up, I also put dish soap down drain, and wipe it with a rag as it rewinds. No more over 300.00 plumbing bills.

  174. Starship-Pilot

    This thing works. I’ve used it indoors and out with 100% success. It paid for itself three times over the first use. I only wish I had bought one sooner. Fantastic.

  175. Verified purchaser

    This drain Auger worked great but after full day of use stopped working! Emailed manufacture stated stop working after use and they sent new one very happy with product

  176. Christine Tsai

    Appreciated that the auger was cordless and lightweight and it all came in a nice nifty case! We were able to clear our kitchen sink and bathroom sink using this auger. Buying this will save us money on hiring plumbers and especially convenient during these difficult covid-19 pandemic times.

  177. J.B. (Washington, USA)

    I used this drain snake to un-clog our kitchen sink, and after some practice, it worked! I noticed that the snake’s head would be a bit small to un-clog very solid/large obstacles in the pipe but for regular clean-up and not-too-solid obstacles, this seems to work very well.

    I also liked the fact it was delivered within one day of (emergency) purchase!

  178. C. B. Moore

    Liked being easy to forward and reverse the snake. Some difficulty maneuvering through ell joint

  179. Amazon Customer

    See a bowl full of human sewage? No? That¡¯s because this wonderful tool cleared a block that defeated two plungers, dish soap, and other tricks. It took a tiny bit of practice figuring out when to extend the snake and when to leave it in place and just spin the snake, but once I got the hang of it I was able to dig out the clog and clear the pipes. It¡¯s a huge relief to know that if anything goes wrong again this is already in my tool chest. Also, the gloves it came with were perfect!

  180. Gary Hayes

    So easy to use……

  181. Fast Finish

    Amazing for those few times you might need one. It is a cleaner more efficient tool when you need a bit more than a plunger.

  182. Bradlee Smith

    Easy to use and very useful!

  183. Dawn Romantic

    Had been having some issues with the kitchen drain for a few months, had tried all the pour down the drain solutions, and even hand snaked the drain – it would open up for a day or two. Called in the professionals, and they had a big machine that snaked it, and it worked for a week! Finally bought this and we have been clog free for a month now, so easy to use and clean. Really glad we have this on hand now.

  184. Rswim99

    Easy to use

  185. zwinxing

    very Easy to use it, lightweights .

  186. Jamie :ee

    Heavy but gets the job done! Our tub cloths every other week and this has saved us a lot of trouble

  187. Yan

    Easy to use for normal stuck.

  188. Thomas Moore

    Honestly if you don¡¯t force it it¡¯s a great drain snake and fast and easy to use

  189. jim szu

    It is easy to use and did the job.

  190. CY

    My husband found it very easy to use and it stretches well. I also like the fact that this product also comes with gloves. Highly recommended!

  191. Rich Brown

    Easy to use and does the job well.

  192. Geno

    Works great….so much easier than doing it by hand. Glad I got this

  193. Amazon Customer

    This drain snake by populo is easy to use and sure beats the manual drain augers .Did a small test on a drain with it and was pretty impressed

  194. Vincent Herr

    Bent a little bit but mostly got the job done

  195. John C Leigh

    Did the job when needed.Easy to use. Excellent for unclogging my toilet.Had a slight problem reversing the direction of the snake until I figured out the right combination of switch and lever positions,but once I realized my mistake it worked well.

  196. megan

    Works good

  197. Ed B.

    Very simple and works great

  198. Judith F.

    We frequently have clogged drain. Our plumber passed, and a drain specialist was going to cost close to 400. I ordered this, drain resolved for now and future.

  199. Christian D.

    The diy ease of use is amazing. The hand held battery operation is ideal for unclogging a bathtub.

  200. Troy

    This is a compact approach to a difficult problem. I bought it because it could be used safely on toilets and it worked. I would have liked it to have more than one tip on the snake. Works well.

  201. Bridgett S.

    Ended up needing to rent a much bigger auger, but this will come in handy and happy to have it.

  202. Frank

    Easy to use.

  203. Anon

    Works well, but takes a long time to retract.

  204. FAST R/T

    Worked well. Well built

  205. BGplusone

    I am by no means a handy man but got tired of paying $100 for a plumber to do 20 mins of work. Works great for someone that has to YouTube everything. I imagine it would be even better for someone that knows what they are doing. Haha.

  206. Nonnie Brown

    Very nice product haven’t used it yet but it’s lightweight and very well made and very well made

  207. Jon

    I really enjoyed how easy to use it was. It cleaned the drains and everything is flowing as it should.

  208. Tyrone nix


  209. nelson e.

    Great product. Worked great

  210. Catherine W.

    I have used this product several times and am very happy with the result altough i would have liked there to be an extra battery.

  211. Carolyn Williams

    It works perfectly!

  212. ross l. unger

    This unit was easy to use and cleared the drains quickly! Impressed!

  213. DEE

    This thing is amazing I had a clogged sink for why too long and one use of this and I have a sink to use again! The only thing is it took forever to coil back inside, Seriously was like over 30 minutes. It was absolutely ridiculous at times we didn¡¯t even know if it was actually going back inside. I¡¯m glad I have a sink to use again and am impressed that it only too one time.

  214. Amazon Customer

    When I got my snake I immediatly used it, It was nice the battery was already charged , It unclogged my sink at 25ft into the pipe!! Thank you so much!!

  215. Joel Gallegos

    Wow. All I can say is if you have a plug get this. I was having all kinds of trouble with a manual snake because my drain has 3 90 degree turns and was going up the vent pipe at the last 90. Well this machine blasts through 3 90s like butter . I am completely impressed with this unit. No more plug and no more paying plumbers!!! This thing payed for itself 3 times over on the first use.

  216. Jackie

    Super easy instructions and use. This product is durable and built well.

  217. cj

    I liked that the web description was exactly like it said. Very easy to use and compact.

  218. Amazon Customer

    Nice unit… easy to use…

  219. Jim Scott

    Save the $150 service calls from a plumber.
    Snaked out my upstairs faucet and the downstairs toilet. Easy to use and saves you money!

  220. Amazon Customer

    Was waaay easier to use than I anticipated!!! Now as much as I don¡¯t want to have to deal with clogged lines, I¡¯m not afraid

  221. Danna Wood

    Snake out toilet

  222. Amazon Customer

    Small machine does the big work.

  223. Megan Wilson

    This worked great for my claw foot bathtub. Very easy to use.

  224. Richar

    Esta buena

  225. Manuel Telles Jr

    I recently had my toilet and tub back up. I used my populous portable electric drain auger which I purchased not long ago. I was able to clear my toilet and tub with ease. I am so glad and satisfied with this product. Try you will be happy you purchased a Populous.

  226. erick

    F¨¢cil de usar

  227. Roger Pupo

    Super handy specially using it on tubs and bathroom sinks. I highly recommend this snake machine.

  228. Asaf H

    This machine unclogged my toilet pipes professionally just like a plumber would. And I saved a whole lot of money.

  229. Paul Warner

    Fantastic product


    Easy to use and gets the job done,cordless is a big plus also.

  231. Tom Mathis

    I really like to bag it fits into, and the fact that it feeds itself into the clogged pipe and then by reversing it retracts back into the tool.

  232. Patrick J. Kinane

    Worth the price. Recovered cost first use by not having to call a plumber. The hand rodder didn’t do the trick, was cumbersome and took more time. The Populo was quick.

  233. Axel Calderon

    I love how easy to use and it comes with a light and drain part.

  234. Mike

    Easy to use

  235. Cecille Santos

    Compact and easily portable. Works well. I am happy with the product

  236. Amazon Customer

    Para des tupir fregadero f¨¢cil de usar lean instrucciones con anticipaci¨®n. Y saber usar los mando es necesario

  237. Amazon Customer

    User friendly, no need experience to use it. Very happy with the purchase. Highly recommended.

  238. Liz

    POPULO Electric Drain Auger save me approximately 200 dollars in plumbing bills.

  239. Kim DeMichele

    Great machine easy to unclog drains and tubs

  240. Touchmizan

    Work great, took out cloth and pad. It is easy to use and very long and strong. Battery stay long time. Over all it is working great.

  241. Wayward Son

    Simple to use, seems to have plenty of power. First use, we’ll see how it holds up over time

  242. Tim Carlson

    Product worked as expected, came with a charge that did what I needed it to. It has unclogged roughly 20 drains to the full length without requiring a recharge out the box. I use this at a commercial building for light use there.

    No complaints.

    I made some mistakes and customer service went above and beyond what I ever expected them to do.

  243. Jerry E Kozuch

    Just finished using this tool! Excellent ! Work great !! Love it!!

  244. Linda

    General sink in shopping. Like that it has a storage bag

  245. Tako

    The drain auger worked easily as intended. Altho’ slightly bulky, it was easy to handle and use. Easily cleared hair form the bathtub drain.

  246. raymond l. cruz

    Easy to use and works perfect to clear out the drain. Thank you.

  247. Gus Home Repair

    Product was very easy to use; before I knew it I had extended the entire 25 ft into a bathroom sink drain. Easily followed path of the drain. It broke up up the difficult clog effortlessly. Best clog buster I¡¯ve used. Great addition to my toolbox.

  248. Lloyd Alleyne

    Great item a must have DIY works wonderful and effective i save alot of money no plumber and that is great new .

  249. A. M. Septimus

    Clear out the outside drain. Worked well and was very easy to turn on and use without any issue.

  250. nandy

    If you’ve ever used a snake before it’s pretty much the same feel adjusting the snaking mechanism. This tool comes with forward and reverse shift settings which is really cool and worked perfectly. This particular brand is cordless which I had resolved in general to never buy again since they do have a shelf life depending on the battery. Have a care when operating since you want to keep the battery area as dry as possible to prolong the life of this tool. If you’ve never used a snake before watch a video as inexperienced users will lack techniques that are easily picked up upon observation and make your snaking experience a gratifying one, as mine was for me. At the price, you cannot go wrong!

  251. Donna

    Worked great for my needs

  252. R. Wilkerson

    Feeds and rotates with a press of a switch,put in reverse and it retracts back into housing,works well!!

  253. james anderson

    Easy to use and good quality.

  254. Patriotsnjz

    I was looking for an electric drain snake and almost spent 3 to 4 times as much. Glad I didn’t, because this little gem works as advertised. Definitely recommend to any DIYer!

  255. C

    This thing has saved me a few hundred already . Drain constantly gets clogged. Easy to use . I would say this is good for minor sink clogs nothing crazy . My sink probably has minor roots that keep coming back but this does the job.

  256. Patricia Duron

    It¡¯s great but a bit short . Some times you need 25 feet more longer .

  257. S. Lee

    Up to 25 ft it does as advertised. It unplugged the blockage.

  258. brandon

    It¡¯s nice I¡¯ve used it soo many times

  259. Ryan Terwilliger

    Works as intended. Convenient for clogs that a plunger won¡¯t get, but not worth calling a plumber.

  260. Gennadiy Krok

    a great tools, very economical compared to calling the master. Very easy to use, I am very pleased with the purchase. thanks!!!!!!

  261. GEORGI

    Great product

  262. michael s.

    I have a manual drain snake, would not go around the 90’s. this 20 volt drain snake was unbelievable. it work so well i clean every drain in my house. real easy to use. thank you

  263. sureenm

    This tool cleared the clog in no time at less than half of the price you pay to the plumber and this is definitely a recurring issue. This tool can be re-used and saves you lot of money.

  264. Rory

    I¡¯ve never used an auger pipe before but wanted to be able to do some basic plumbing work myself at my house. This was easy to use and effective. I¡¯m not sure how it will last over time but it worked. I fully extended it in both directions through the sewer main line. Happy with this purchase.

  265. Scott Lange

    This made quick work of clearing my slow draining sink and tub. This will safe a lot of money by clearing drains myself instead of hiring a plumber.

  266. Amazon Customer

    One of the best purchases, ever! I suggest that everyone own one of these. Our drains clog often. I was so over using the tedious hand crank snake & having a stock of drain cleaning gels. Now I don’t have to use either! This Populo Electric drain auger worked like a charm.

  267. sandy sherwood

    Been fighting a clog for a week just received the Populo drain auger yesterday and today we unclogged our outdoor clean out our problem was kitchen sink,tub and toilet

  268. Amazon Customer

    Great, Ease to use.

  269. Kevin Scott Cooper

    Did not end up working out and had to return. Cord got kinked and we could no longer use unit.

  270. fkb

    Works great!

  271. chris sims

    Worked great to clear my shower drain. Easy to use, had no problems going through the trap and clearing the drain. Being cordless is a really nice feature.

  272. B. C.

    I received this with a fully charged battery which was surprising, Ready to use right out of the box. All functions worked as described, easy to clean up after use, Reverse rotation function is very nice in case there is a solid obstruction that cannot be pulled out, or augered through. Comes in a handy carrying case. You can tell when you have reached the end of the auger cable as there is the attachent set screw for replacing the cable if need be. Cannot believe how easily it went through my toilet. I have used maual snakes before and had to fight to get them through the toilet. This thing just goes right in no problem, no kinking.
    By far the BEST drain auger I have ever had.

  273. mazen

    Great product!

  274. Suehes1

    After using this auger my drains are running clear and fast. I have three girls and the hair builds up fast. With this I will now be able to brush my teeth and the water actually go down!!!


    Excellent tool. First time I¡¯ve used a snake for clogs and it was super easy and quick. Definitely recommend it!

  276. Daniel ibitoye

    Did a good job for me, couldn¡¯t ask for more!
    The product is an ??

  277. Red

    The tub drain was going down slower and slower. I decided to purchase this tool. It performed as advertised and I had the drain opened in about 5 minutes. That saved me an expensive plumber bill.

  278. Casey

    IMPORTANT: You must DRY and AIR OUT this tool properly before storage or it will rust and break. Use and old rag or towel to dry, remove the rear Drum Drain Plug and when you get a chance , stretch the cable all the way out and let it dry. I used it on a Slow draining Kitchen Sink Drain (pictured), a Slow Tub Drain and a plugged toilet. I was even able to feed this Drain Auger through the toilet bowl itself to clear the toilet clog. Trick is to go slow you need to guide the cable with your gloved hand as you turn it slowly with battery power, gloves included, when you feel resistance, lock the cable and spin in place, after a couple of minutes again feed the cable, keep in mind you will feel some resistance when passing joints and bends in your plumbing, keep the cable turning slowing and it will easily go out 25ft. Like all Plumbing Auger Cables if you don’t properly dry them, they will rust badly.

  279. Don Baker

    Liked it.

  280. Darrell

    It works great i love this machine

  281. Ron Lindsey

    This is a great tool for small household drains. I had an upstairs sink drain that I have been fighting with for a few years. Every kind of drain cleaner you can imagine, a snake with an electric drill and a hand held snake was used. Nothing worked until this. I had to use all 25 feet. It got stuck at the full extension and I was worried about retracting it. I read the directions on how to reverse feed it (since it was stuck). Worked like a charm, cleared the clog. It is amazing that a battery powered device extended to 25 feet and stuck would work, but it did great. Saved money and time. Worth it for me. Very happy.

  282. V Holden


  283. Jeremy Land

    Unclogged my toilet in less than 1 minute, works amazing.

  284. RJ Slaughter

    Love this new tool. I had to unclog a drain in front of my house. It worked great.

  285. Nancy

    Works great. Easy to use.

  286. john bartley

    Works great. Easy to use. Perfect for and sink shower or bath tubs

  287. Peter Wong

    It turn out very easy to use. Great yo have since it not a good time to call for a drain man

  288. Kathy

    Works great!!

  289. SHAM

    This is a great tool to have around the house or for professional use, mainly on sink drains and showers bath drains.

  290. Dan Nguyen

    Easy to use

  291. Paymaun Shak

    I really like the Populo tool that I received. It is very useful and easy to use. I would be recommend this product to a friend.

  292. Dave M

    The controls work well and are easy to use. It is well engineered.

  293. Ricky G

    This thing is awesome!!! This vs a plumber = same $ cost. Snaked my kitchen snake from the connection between the sinks, the tee part. I didnt disconnect the p trap and it went through like nothing. Ran it back and forth a couple times. Connected back together and it’s like I have a new drain! Well worth the money. Plus I can use it again and again. Also, has a drain plug to remove the nasty water from the drum. Great bang for the buck

  294. Keith Woodson

    For the size of the auger, it is heavy duty and performs like the big boys.

  295. jess

    Easy to use and easy set up comes with manual, bag , gloves amazing product came fast and really cleans. Would buy again.

  296. Melissa Beaza

    Product was easy to use and light weight to handle. I recommend this product to everyone I know. It got the job done!! Thank you!!

  297. Seaman

    Had a master bath shower drain I tried a manual snake on and it did not work. Charged the battery on this bad boy and away I went. First time down the drain I went about ten feet, pulled out one nasty wad of hair. Second time down wet down the entire 25 feet and pulled out a massive wad of hair! Final time down, went 25 feet again and the drain was free and flowing! Screw manual snakes, drain cleaners and chemicals, this machine works and I HIGHLY recommend to all of you that snake drains in your home, BUY ONE!

  298. laura cookson

    This product works great. Very easy to use.

  299. Mike Brat

    After breaking one snake and one drilling point on my newly acquired Super V and fighting this drain for 5.5 hours at that point in desperation I decided to give this tool a try. I bought this tool almost as a lark, thinking it might be useful in light duty situations and might save me from lugging the much heavier and cumbersome Super V into confined areas.. It took six attempts to draw the nasty pet hair clog from the drain. By the 4th attempt I was developing a feel for the tool, learning when to speed up or slow down. So be patient. The only shortcoming is the length of snake the tool can handle but we regained the use of our kitchen and laundry thanks to this monster.

  300. Dzu

    It very good

  301. Daryl Z.

    This is an inexpensive tall which will save you hundreds of dollars if you have to hire a plumber. Disregard the negative feedback because if you want a top-of-the-line one then you¡¯ll spend hundreds of dollars this is an inexpensive tool that works fantastic for the price. I was skeptical at first I have use this thing now five times and every single time and it is done it¡¯s job and some!

  302. David

    Very easy to use. Will definitely save me from a plumber visit next time I have a clog.

  303. Kindle Customer

    Great product. Worked perfectly in clearing our kitchen sink blockage. We used to earlier rent drain snakes from nearby hardware stores. Those drain snakes were bulky and difficult to maneuver. Populo eas much simpler to use and is the right size for regular home needs

  304. Michael Dixon

    I had a clog that was haunting us for a week. I have a hand crank auger and could not get that clog to loosen up. First try with this thing and I was able to get through further than I was able to with the hand crank. Now to make sure I treat my sink weekly so this nightmare doesn’t happen again.

  305. Clint Surface

    Got out a tough kitchen sink clog that nothing else would unclog. Took some time but it got the job done and battery lasted a lot longer than expected. Happy with product

  306. Ting-Yuan Chang

    This is my first time writing a review. It just saved my life on the dang clog in the shower that had bothered me for several months.
    I had a very difficult time using a manual auger before, which always took like 2-3 hrs and I got nothing at all.
    In the beginning, I was quite worried about the bad review on this product like it breaks at the first use or not useful etc. But guess what, I only used for 10 min ish and I pull out a pony tail from the drain. It¡¯s a little disgusting but satisfying!

  307. Folcababa

    Works and operates well as explained in the description. I doubted some comments before buying, but then I summoned my boldness to go for it, and the rest is success of buying it.

  308. Dennis W.

    Very Easy to use love The 25 feet cable

  309. michael e. atkinson

    Worked like it should and did a great job where other tools had failed.

  310. Keystone

    Love this tool easy to use coming in very handy

  311. andres santiago gil

    Very efficient and easy to use I recommend it 100%

  312. Ruben Dario

    Facilidad de usar

  313. Miguel

    Great product

  314. Kathy Baker

    Works great easy to use.

  315. S Roberts

    Portable and easy to use

  316. Alicia

    I purchased this tool as a gift. I’m sure he will find this tool to be well made and easy to operate. It is weighty to me, but I’m an older lady, but I’m sure he will be very pleased it.

  317. mary hill

    It work great

  318. jessebil

    I had to use it a couple times to figure it out. It worked wonderfully. I would recommend it highly.

  319. JAA

    Seems well-made, sturdy, and it is not difficult to use. The instructions are pretty detailed and easy to follow. It did the job clearing a drain at way less than the cost of hiring a plumber. Cleaning the coil after using it is easy and I imagine well extend the life of the machine considerably.

  320. Joanna Cilwa

    After having major clogging issues in our downstairs bathroom (kids) we needed something that would save us some money. So we purchased this product. We would recommend the product!

  321. MS

    Good Augur for sinks, bath tubs, standing showers and even kitchen; however, do not do the mistake I did.
    It was advertised for toilets as well but it ended up scratching it, so not good for toilets but rest all works okay.

  322. Luis Ayala

    I really like this machine

  323. Adriano Silva de Fran?a

    great product, recommend it to everyone!

  324. Patty Duffey

    Not big enough for a large sewer line pipe 3-4 inch which is why I got it. Probably would be ok for a smaller pipe

  325. Sandy Pardington

    Excellent for the weekend warrior, my son and I now have a project to do together, this product is excellent , save money on the plumber.

  326. Moving to the Florida Beach

    After days of trying to unclog a toilet, nothing worked. Even a manual snake from Home Depot would not even loosen the issue of way too much TP in our pipes. After seeing the reviews, gave this tool a try. Its awesome! Our toilet is back to normal. Easy to use. Follow directions and leave cable out to dry afterwards. Worth the money!

  327. Michael H.

    I give this auger 5 stars because not only is it an affordable tool but works great and can save you a lot of money on unclogging those drains. I perform maintenance on apartments and this tool is exactly what I needed for those clogged kitchen sinks and bathtubs. Plus I had a small problem with the charger and within days after contacting Populo another arrived at my house via Fedex.

  328. Amzon Customer

    Easy to use

  329. Keller Lyon

    With this tool not being one of the more commonly known brand names I’m honestly pleasantly surprised. It feels nice and sturdy in the hands definitely nice build quality.

  330. Amazon Customer

    There’s an access vent in the basement our old house and it would gurgle for a few days, then start to puddle. The pipe is probably clogged with 60+ years of fat and grease and it doesn’t take much to close it up. using this machine works good.excellent tool.

  331. Dave Reid

    Excellent tool, unclogged my kitchen drain which was block for 2 days! Saved me $$$ from getting a umber out to do it

  332. DJR

    Works well for bringing up a large hairball. Well designed, had no trouble running the snake as opposed to hand held cranked or even ones you can attach to a drill. The difference is with this machine you don¡¯t have to repeatedly lock the snake and little by little crank it in. Instead it goes in with no interruption.

    What used to take 1/2 hour is done in 5 minutes.

    I hope it lasts, but a plumber would cost 3x the machine, so I¡¯m pretty pleased. The bag is good for keeping everything in one place.


    Easy to use. Effective for clearing clogs. Price was great

  334. David J. Kiss

    Works as described & advertised. Opened the drain in minutes.

  335. Laeticia Rageau

    clean a pipe, very happy with the product

  336. Gary H

    I like that you don’t have to plug in to 120vac, much safer to operate

  337. Rodolfo III Astudillo

    ?the product is great and in perfect condition. i highly recommended.

  338. Michael Pratt

    Haven’t used it yet but will say same day delivery was perfect. Let’s see how this works for me

  339. ART BROWN

    I truly like this machine. Although I have not used it yet as my old manual was used last , I purchased this for future use.

  340. BuyRum

    Great snake! For DIYers and Plumber¡¯s alike!

  341. Edwin Dickelman

    Love the value of thus tool. I own a ton of 18v RED tools and this works just as well but doesn’t cost $499. Love it!!

  342. jessica

    Worked like a charm! Very easy to use.

  343. Paa Willie – NY

    This saves money. One Plumber call to clear drain cost over $150 . This tool is awesome to use. simple, not heavy, and operating instruction is straight forward. Highly recommend

  344. Valerie Dieter

    Great Find! This is an Awesome product! The drum comes off easily for cleaning and it’s easier to use than every other power snake I’ve ever used and I’ve used quite a few, from short hand held to large commercial snakes. Great deal too!

  345. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use, my wife saved me a ton of money from an expensive plumber, and she is not mechanically inclined.

  346. Kim Shrin

    Easy to use. Bitchin.

  347. George

    Very easy to use! For half the price of a plumber visit, I was able to unclog my kitchen sink. Worked great and nice gloves too!

  348. Fan

    Good design and length, easy to handle and not too heavy.

  349. Max

    I like to do everything myself so I know it’s right. First try, this auger pulled out a 2 inch hair and grease clog. My manual auger wouldn’t pull out the clog. Easy to use if you read instructions and comes with everything you need. I almost had to pay for a plumber. Appt was scheduled and I ordered this product. It arrived in 1 day and the clog came out 15 minutes later. The plumber called when I was washing my hands so I cancelled the appointment.

  350. Fenix

    I’m very satisfied with the auger. It’s easy to use and gets the work done. Cleared the kitchen line in half an hour. Battery also charges fast. Saves future plumber calls, definitely worth the money.

  351. Bear

    Very easy to use. The only thing that might be a negative is the weight. But if you want a quality product that will last a long time, that¡¯s something you must get use to. This fixed my clogged kitchen sink and now water is draining how it should be.

  352. That one guy

    Day it arrived I unclogged one sink and one shower. Assuming it holds up for the long run, this this is gonna be great to keep around.

  353. Blanche W.

    It’s very easy to use the price was great and it’s easy to keep clean along with all the amazing accessories

  354. Kyle Watts

    A great value, work as described and was easy to use.

  355. B Baron

    It was easy to use to unclog my Kitchen Sink, I will always recommend this device to anyone who needs it.

  356. Christine bell

    Was very easy to use and it being battery operated cordless is awsome.

  357. Louis

    Used this auger to successfully clear a bathroom sink drain. The value is incredible for a self-contained drum auger. This type of auger is so much easier to use than a manual/drill-operated auger. The battery charges fast and this set also comes with a bag and plumbing gloves.

  358. Joan

    Clearing sewer line

  359. Fabby

    This tool did the job to clear the drain. However, the auger cable got bent up in the process. Still cheaper than a plumber.

  360. RL

    This is my third drain Auger. Worked much better than previous two. Professional quality and reasonable price.

  361. J. G.

    Works great. Wish it was longer than 25 feet but it does the trick.

  362. nims

    It got the job done and was easy to use.

  363. Donald S.

    It did an excellent job on my pipes in my restrooms

  364. Figueroa

    Considering that this is my son’s first time using this (18 years old), it was easy and efficient.
    We watched the videos, and it worked. We only had to use it once, but we are ready for the next time.

  365. WN

    Worked like a charm and saved myself a ton by clearing a stubborn clog myself vs. calling a plumber. I would encourage that you read the instructions carefully and familiarize yourself with operating this device before using and would definitely recommend purchasing this product. Be sure to click on the $20.00 manufacturers coupon if its still being offered on Amazon.

  366. marc archambeau

    Ok, if you only read 1 instruction manual this year. READ THIS ONE.

    Also, make sure your shoes are tied.
    And make sure you dont need all of your arm hair. I recommend putting dish soap on the included gloves. All of these things got twisted…easy to reverse except the arm hair.

    So, I had a serious glog. Was hedging on a 50′ but cost and my level of capability waived

    Had a little teouble figuring out left right back forward this that….in the end a right screw and manual feed worked GREAT.

    Paid some $92 with tax.
    Came with gloves
    Well built.
    Battery lasted longer than me all of my ripped hairs and idiot get your shoe lace caught.
    Comes with a bag.
    Easy to clean.
    Variable speed
    Great for the non pro.

    Odd connection for the battery charger… but again mostly because I refuse to read instructions. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

    Plumber quote 125 to show 125 per line from 6 thumbtack, craigslist , and home advisor.

    WORTH THE $ If yoy okay with a dirty job and saving your money.

    Oh and theb I used it to clear out a down spout. If you do this GO SLOW.

  367. Rebecca Anne

    Worth the money! It worked great to open the shower drain, bathtub and bathroom sinks. It didn’t clear the laundry/kitchen drain, my husband thinks we need a longer auger. But, this a great buy and it pays for itself after just one use. We cleared 4 drains, it would’ve cost at least twice as much for a plumber, here in O.C. CA.

  368. MeMe

    Nice portable size

  369. Amazon Customer

    Muy ¨²til

  370. Christina Ng

    Easy to control ! It¡¯s very powerful and work so good .This tool is so helpful and I don¡¯t need to call plumber anymore. Save my money!

  371. Brad Travers

    Easy to use and has a great price

  372. Cleveland Williams

    I do my own maintenance on my properties and this tool works great!!!

  373. audioholic

    This could be the best tool I ever bought and I do buy a lot of tools. There was something wrong in the basement utility sink that feeds the cast iron drain. I tried a cheapie, but well reviewed snake – nothing.

    Tried drain cleaner. Worked then backed up again. At best a 1/8 full in the small utility sink emptied over 12 hours.

    The problem was in the cast iron down pipe which I concentrated on….

    I called a plumber and figured well one last try. I cannot believe the result and ease of use. Ok, it took a tiny bit of getting used to and I’m not sure the video is correct. However, it worked great. I even ran it twice because I know the clog was not really that far down yet very compacted and stubborn.

    Result was half a tub of water swirled down the drain. Amazing.

    Just read the reviewer who recommended cleaning and letting the cable dry. It did look rusted when pulled out and I love this tool so best take good care of it.

  374. Amazon Customer

    Works well and if it seems the plumber one trip will pay for itself it’s a fine

  375. Sphynx 4 dayz

    It worked. Feels sturdy. I like that it came with a storage bag.

  376. W. Simmons

    Fantastic and incredibly ease of operation! This POPULO Electric Drain Auger cleared my bathroom sink drain which I hopefully, was last chance to clear the clog. I tried chemical drain liquid and a manual drain auger but without success. I thought I would have to open up the kitchen ceiling and replace the drain pipe from the bathroom sink! Luckily, I purchased this POPULO ELECTRIC DRAIN AUGER and it successfully cleared the clog within a few minutes. It quickly worked down the drain through whatever angles it came into and easily cleared the clog! Whew! The price is affordable and worth it! Beautiful bag, battery and charger and even gloves!

  377. Patrick

    Works great for small drains I do this for a living this really met expectations

  378. Leydi N Alcivar

    I got my order same day which was amazing since my laundry sewer was so clogged. I have had my dad before to lend me his which is a big thing that is as heavy a huge rock. This is easy to use even to a useless girl like me.

  379. Ryan

    Our main reason for purchasing was to eliminate the physical demand of a manual drain snake and this thing works like a charm!

    Our maintenance team was beyond thankful and it’s a great tool to have when things go south.

    We have also used this to clear drain pipes on other structures outside of septic, saving dozens of man hours.

  380. Amanda

    I can¡¯t say enough good things about this little machine. Our washer has been backing up into our sink and then the water started spilling out of the drain in the laundry room.

    We ran this auger twice through the drain and got so much gunk out of the drain. Before buying this, we tried a manual auger and it was a waste of money.

  381. francisco betancourt

    Love it just what I needed works great long lasting battery 🙂

  382. Jeff Follin

    Easy to use and value for money!!!

  383. Sha

    I like that this item was easy to use and clean . Definitely a value for the money .

  384. Tom Savarese

    Worked first time right out of the box! Paid for a plumber visit!

  385. Dug,

    Used on the bathtub, worked great

  386. Piervito

    The unit is very nice. It does what it’s supposed to do and it does it well. I snaked my backyard from the center’s drain to the basement door.
    It was smooth all the way. I am comparing it to the heavy duty sewer cleaner that I have. Over all this unit fills a gap and is an easy to use item for any homeowner. Yes;
    I recommend it. Piervito from Brooklyn NY

  387. Michael R.Evangelista

    This is my 5th one that I’ve bought and the best one out of all the brands ! Battery has great life on it

  388. Keenan Baker

    This snake made it very easy to unclog drains. I was able to easily get clogs deep in my pipes that I couldn¡¯t reach with regular manual snakes. It¡¯s much easier to retract and clean than manual as well.

  389. Woolly B

    Saved time and money. This thing is great!

  390. Alexandra Yaeger

    No-one wants to buy a product like this, but sometimes you have to ¡­ it worked GREAT – no more plungers for us! thank you!

  391. Quinton Davis

    Very easy to use, worth every penny!!! Easy for someone with no plumbing skills.

  392. Jay

    I am happy that I decided to get this product, compared to using a manual drain auger. This saves time and money. Just wish I would have pick this up sooner. Great buy!!

  393. Rach reyes

    Goodbye plumber!!! This is so effective and so easy to use. I could have spend hundreds of dollars for a plumber but this product saves me a lot of money! Giving it a 5!

  394. phillip

    I bought this to clean my drains out and thus did the job in seconds. I was using a hand auger but it wouldn’t cut thru the hair by hand. I cleaned out all the drains and vents in less then 40 the directions you be fine

  395. Robert M. Robinson

    You mail me the cable but not the school goes with it it¡¯s no good I can¡¯t find a nail or screw that size so please mail the screw with the cable it would be easier for the customers

  396. Brenda Fitzpatrick

    Worked great

  397. billde03

    Great product for the price.

  398. John Campo

    Only used once but it worked great. Hopefully will continue to do a good job when it is needed. Need to tilt the machine up on a wall or something so all the nasty water drains out.

  399. Trusted Plumber

    Both drains in shower and sink had hair and gunk stuck that was not dissolving with traditional drain chemicals. This machine replaced those environmental terrible products and a real-life plumber for a better easy DIY task. Excellent tool for first time user to rid of slow drain in sink, bathroom, and kitchen. Would use again, need pliers to remove hair from tool’s wire before and after use.

  400. Kindle Customer

    Clearing the clog is a cinch with this tool. It’s easy to use and portable.

  401. Y. Li

    I used this tool immediately after receiving it. It worked as expected. Like other snakes, it can be hard to use when it is stuck, so releasing the tension (by either moving the cord backward) is important.

    Like similar products in the market, the cleaning is not very easy. Once you reached to the spot and started to retract the cord, water is inevitably going into the compartment. You have to pull it out again and clean use another cloth. But it is the nature of this kind of product, so it is normal.

    Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase.

  402. Nina

    I purchased this product to help me clear a clogged kitchen sink. The manual snake I had was labor intensive and hard to use so I gave this product a go since it¡¯s a battery operated and much easier to control. Well made and easy to use.

  403. chandra

    I was impressed

  404. Joey V

    Great for Dads who have kids who use too much TP!
    I couldn¡¯t tell you have many times my kids clog the toilets by using half a roll of TP! This thing works like a champ to clear those clogs fast!!

  405. Ctaylor82

    Im glad that I purchased this item. I had clogged pipes in my kitchen and laundry room. The pipes are connected. Within 20 min of using this to clear my main pipe under my kitchen sink my pipes were back open. Thank goodness they are not overflowing anymore. Without this I would have wasted a lot of money calling a plumber.

  406. John Wood

    For the amount of money charged for a machine like this, you can pretty much throw it away after one service call and still make money!

    If you’re a homeowner, save yourself tons of money with minor clogs. This is an excellent machine for the money.

  407. Rachel VA

    New tool for my collection…definitely a must have!

  408. Amazon Customer

    This was way easier than the add your own drill type I had been using. Plus it came with a bag to store it in.

  409. John Morano

    The item does exactly what it advertises to do. Clean the drain.

  410. bluewindharper

    Non plumbing savy, but after watching a couple of videos my young adult son and I were able to clear a shower drain in less than 15 minutes. Great tool!

  411. bob

    A plumber charges a hundred dollars just to walk in the front door, and that 7 am appointment turns into 2 pm. With the double sink I had to remove the p trap and that was the hardest part. That done, I ran the auger into the pipes. Pushed the buttons and with no hassle, my drain was clear. I have poured literally gallons of drain cleaner down this, and it has been slow for 7 years. What ever the obstruction was, it’s gone now. Electric is the way to go!


    Very easy to use works as explained

  413. Jose henriquez

    Every homeowner should have one

  414. Stella

    Strong enough for household using. Very easy to use and save a lot of money.

  415. Goddy49

    The auger performed like I expected. I purchased after seeing my plumber use one to clear clog in our sink drain. Plan to save some money.

  416. SmithPrime

    Get the job done quick and efficiently!

  417. Isidroavitia

    ?I see to used fasil de usar i recommend lo recomiendo

  418. Lizard Breath

    What a pleasure to not have to feet a snake into a drain by hand, and then turn the little crank, just to see the snake twist and get all tangled! This unit makes snaking SO much easier and less messy. You just press the forward lever forward and in goes the snake. Then you pull it back to retrieve it, all nicely coiled. To clean the snake, I did the same but with a bucket of soapy water.

    One suggestion: It would be great if the snake had a mark every 5′ or so, so that one could tell how much snake has gone into the pipe.

  419. Redheaded Coastie

    Just what we needed, and now the family can borrow it before spending money on a plumber.

  420. Amazon Customer

    I bought this several months ago after paying a plumber $175 for a drain unplug. Used it for the first time at the in-laws today and this thing is great for minor clogs. The device is fairly intuitive to operate, appears to be quality built and is supplied with gloves and a bag to carry and store the tool. If it saves one call to the plumber, you have paid for it. The limiting factor is the 25 foot snake length.

  421. CKW

    This POPULO Electric Drain Auger comes at a very reasonable price with everything needed even gloves and a tote bag. Furthermore, their customer service is excellent AND they offer a free Drain Cleaner’s cable as a loyalty gift.

  422. ? Laura Ipsum ?

    Compact and powerful. And I was able to clear the clog without calling a plumber or my evil ex-husband!!!!!

    Saved me money and self respect.

  423. Aris

    It is light and Easy to use

  424. Amazon Customer

    Cleared very stubborn kitchen sink drain. Definitely saved a call to the plumber

  425. Sheila M. Yanez

    This thing is amazing! I was hesitant but after reading reviews, I thought I would try!! Works perfect and WAY cheaper than a plumber. I tried everything I should and some I shouldn’t,, to unclog my shower and NOTHING! Used this and got it unclogged in less than 10 min. Super easy to use. Sorry about the gross picture but this thing got all that out.. that is probably hair from before we even bought our house. Gross.

  426. Michelle

    I loved the fact that it was user friendly. Having never used a battery operated Auger, I was very nervous. You Quick Step guide was my best friend. Everyone should have one of these for their clogged drains!

  427. Amazon Customer

    I like this product this much. It was so useful. I used it today and the clog was gone in 2 minutes. Thanks populo tools

  428. Steven Man

    I love it.

  429. O Mons

    This tool is useless. I followed the instructions on the tool but for some reason this could not get past a P trap to get to the blockage. I was trying to clear up a blockage(most likely hair) on a stand up shower, I have tried a good hour to get past the P trap but to no avail. I think a manual auger which costs 1/5 of this tool will produce the same result. If that does not work, will get a professional plumber involved.
    UPDATE: It works!! I used it again, this time with patience and a lot of forward and reverse action to get pass the p trap and the running water i think helped as well. After the p trap, got to the hair blockage and extracted it. I have a picture of the muck, but don’t want anyone to throw up. So changing the rating to 5 stars for working as advertised and saving me money on the plumber.

  430. ReShop

    I¡¯m plumber and I would recommend this auger to anyone who has drain clogging issues. It¡¯s perfect for bathroom and kitchen. Definitely not for main sewer line.

  431. Laurie W.

    Well worth the money and gets the job done as advertised. The downstairs sink was badly clogged up. After one usage of my Populo drain auger, the drain was cleared and working properly. Also very handy being a battery charged unit so you don¡¯t have to worry about using extension cords to power the unit.

  432. Spy Hunter

    I tried everything in my arsenal before I bought this. Drain0, Drain opener, manual auger; nothing worked. My shower drain had been backed up for a while. Got this unit and I must say (even if it’s made in CN) it works. It cleaned out the shower drain in 15 minutes and it does a great job on gutter downspouts as well! Just go slow at first and it will do the rest. RTFM though! (Read the fine manual)

  433. Amazon Customer

    Worked well to unclog our tub. Feels like it is made with good quality and I would expect it to last for quite some time. My wife clogs our tub drain at least 2 times a year with her hair (not if you ask her, though). This definitely beats paying a plumber to come out!

  434. May Y

    I have had two manual 25′ drain snakes for my kitchen and shower drain. One of the more simple one was broken. And my kitchen sink drain gets clogged more and more often. After re-doing the drain pipe without much success, I decided to shop for a power snake. I bought this based on that it is cordless. I charged the battery overnight and put it on. The directions are very straight forward and I had no problem to set it up and tested it out. So far so good. Hopefully it works out fine when next time I have to put it to real use.

  435. Dana Rodgers

    Worked great! Used it to clean out the hair trapped in the bathtub.

  436. Carla S.

    Decided to make the purchase when we had a clog in the air unit drain. Could of used it many times before but always used the manual snake, never again. Received it in a couple of days. immediately charged and put it to use. Best thing ever. It went where our regular snake would not and with a little forward/backward motion cleared the clog. This will come in handy and already paid for itself with one use.

  437. Stan.L

    My bathroom gets a lot of traffic with 2 daughters with long hair. The drain clogs every month, we dumped so much money on drain-o, bleach, liquid plumber but they offer very little relief.

    We started to hire Roto-rooters to unclog the drain, but at $150 per visit, it is literally pouring money down the drain.

    We I bought this power Populu auger, and it is amazing. No more manual rolling. In my first attempt, it unclogged our shower drain.

    Get this and you won’t be dissapointed.

  438. BOX30MAN

    Bought to use around the house cause we live quite a way out town and had 2 bocked drains, right out of the box, charged the battery and in less than 20 minutes had both drains flowing like new

  439. JJ

    We got standing water in our kitchen sink. After getting some quotes from a few local contractors, I decided to check on DIY options and found this machine on Amazon. It arrived today as scheduled. It took an hour or two to charge the battery, took my husband about half an hour to unclog the drain. He worked the snake up and down 3 times with water running, stopped here and there to spin it at certain spots. It’s easy to use. The price might seem high but you probably can only make one contractor call with the money so it’s totally worth it! It would be more convenient if the auger can run with an AC adapter too instead of cordless only. It comes with a sturdy pouch so I can put everything in it and put away without worrying of losing any accessories. Overall I’m very satisfied with the item.

  440. joemrod 44


  441. Amazon Customer

    This tool rocks. After about 20 minutes of work, my shower no longer gets backed up. The plumber wanted $350 to unclog it! It was easy to use and I followed instructions. So glad I found this item here.

  442. LH

    This puppy is a super easy to use and solidly build piece of at home plumbing hardware, that any at home do it yourselfer needs in their arsenal. I was very happy with this product and have already used it twice for clearing drains both in my home and a friends house.

  443. JRM

    This thing saved me a $400 plumbing bill at my mountain home, highly recommend.

  444. Amazon Customer


  445. ronald herzog

    it is everything a home plumber can ask for

  446. animepoko

    My kitchen sink always clogged and I called plumber 3 times in this year
    every single time when I call plumber I paid more than $100 obviously
    But now I can do it my self because I have
    POPULO Electric Drain Auger
    It is work and very good
    quite and strong

  447. Nathan

    I Recommend it to everybody

  448. mzm6030

    This Drain Auger has paid for itself, and then some, the first time I used it!! I am a 65+ year old woman and had NO problem using it to clean my shower drain! I consider it one of the best investments I have made as of late – you will NOT have buyers remorse!!

  449. Amazon Customer

    Cleared my drain without any issues. So glad I bought this and saved paying for a plumber.

  450. JG Girl

    This did the job I purchased it for. I hope to not have to use again, but if I do, it will be worth it not to have to call a plumber!

  451. James Swinson

    There is nothing about this tool that I didn’t like. I use it at work, I am a Maintenance technician Is an apartment complex

  452. pam

    had a very bad drain clogged up and this worked great !!

  453. David K

    I was very surprised how easy the Populo Electric Auger was to use and it worked just as advertised.
    I had a clogged kitchen drain about 10 or 12 ft from the sink.
    Accessed the drain through an inspection port under the sink and used the auto feed to insert the snake. It worked just as expected and fed the snake in and cleared the clog.
    Very impressed with the performance, especially considering the relatively low price. Would definitely recommend this electric auger to any home owner.

  454. Daniel Hu

    Easy to use, solve the drain problem, save money and time!

  455. Eric Teipen

    This thing has saved me a ton of money and I’ve only used it 3 times . That’s 3 times that I didn’t have to call a Plummer to make a visit. You do the math. I’m so glad that I bought one.

  456. Christopher Borg

    I tried so many different solutions to clear the drain in my shower. Nothing worked. I started do some research on a new plan. Everybody suggested an auger. That worked! Your auger was easy to use and heavy duty! Thank you

  457. Maikel nunez

    Hasta ahora, encantado

  458. EPD

    Product arrived fast. Packaged well to store and keep everything together. Easy to use.

  459. Young J Kim

    It did its job. I love it!


    Wow great tool, easy to use great price. So 40 years wife found a clogged bathroom sink drain that beat her. She tried a small and big snake that has worked well for her. 27 years in this old house that’s my hair from me head. She won’t let me touch a drain or cook in the kitchen. Read many dozen reviews on this and other products. Pulled the trigger She was stopped about 5 foot in the drain. She watched how to use video’s, then went at it. In just about 10 minutes Holy Wow wide open after breaking thru that massive plugged hair ball. Easy to clean and used Pb Blaster to protect cable. Stop looking buy this now, just to keep your wife happy and save hundreds on a plumber.

  461. Toshiaki Sakurai

    I have been having washer drain overflow and spent good amount of money to plumber. Now having this tool on hand, it cleared washer drain pipe less than 30 min, then no more drain overflow.
    This tool worked perfectly and save money. Highly recommended.

  462. Tony Pedroza

    I like the product well built works well ¡­ only issue is it needs to be longer than 25 feet. In my instance what ever blockage I have in the sink is beyond 25¡¯.

  463. MARK AMES

    Looks great. Have not used it yet. Will save me alot when I do. And an extra cable!!

  464. Raymond P.

    cleared bathroom drain quickly and easily

  465. TAREQ ALI

    Thus tool saved me at least $200. And the good thing is I can use it over and over again

  466. Denny Hernandez

    Excelente… Me ayudo a despatar…

  467. Lynn

    Easy to use. Arrived as described.

  468. Stephen

    Yes unclogged a stubborn drain that has been bothering us for months. Saved a call to a plumber it would have cost more than this device itself.

  469. Dr Neil E Fradkin

    When my bathroom was flooded because of clogged drainage, I called plumber. He charged $125 (because he did some other works at the same time). After two weeks of drain, it started to clog again and then it flooded. Call the same plumber. He again charged $125 (and is going to do some more works at my place). He said he was not available until next month. Pissed off. Ordered POPULO Electric Drain Auger, 25Ft Plumbing Snake Drain Clog Remover Tools on Amazon. The package arrived super fast. I solved the problem with one try. Great product, easy to use and worth the money. Voila! Went on with my life.

  470. Anibal Erazo

    Very easy to use.

  471. Duke Lee

    This is a perfect tool for a household plumbing problem. It is not as heavy as commercial auger and easy to handle and it saved me 300$ which a cost that an average plumber might charge me. I have been using a commercial tool for my restaurant when plumbing problem happens and it was very hard work with the heavy tool and I could not use it to my house hold sink plumbing. So I bought this and so impressed on this product. Easy and clean. I really recommend this whoever want to use this on house hold sink and a small business kitchen,

  472. jon lim

    Great tool to have

  473. Sergio. G

    Easy to handle, product quality better than expected, got my pipes unclog the first time. Will definitely buy POPULO brand next time I’m in the market for tools

  474. Liz

    Our tub has been draining improperly for a while and bathing the dog was the final straw. My husband and I aren¡¯t very handy and usually just call a plumber but we are considering adding another dog and I figured I would invest in learning how to unclog it myself. This was so easy to use and did the hob! Tub drains better than the day we moved in!

  475. Wisdom followers

    We asked a plumber to snake the drain in our shower. What he did was to pour a bunch of Drano down until a clog cleared. Pretty lazy, huh? A few weeks later the drain backed up. I called him, but he suggested just pouring more Drano into our septic system. I did pour a couple gallons down it, but it didn’t do anything. This little snake hit a hair clog and cleared it right up. Easy to use, cheaper than a plumber, and it worked. All better without toxic chemicals in our septic system.

  476. Margaret Wiley

    It was easy to use and unblocked a drain I struggled with for weeks

  477. Charles Campbell

    It does what it is supposed to do. The LED light turned out to be particularly useful. I wish there was a way to tell how much cable has been used.

  478. compguy808

    i think its perfect for the homeowner to clean out the lines, good price too

  479. Soonermagic

    Will do the job of unclogging drains that are not major. It¡¯s very handy and effective

  480. Nicole Galindo Collazo

    It was light weight compared to other machine

  481. H Assaf

    Not bad for the price

  482. Brian Cannava

    I like ease of use. Used to have hand crank one and really couldn¡¯t get in tub drain because takes lots effort. This bypass nicely. Also beat Home Depot price and has nice gloves

  483. phil

    Great for someone new like me

  484. Amazon Customer

    I ran this down every drain in my home on one battery charge. It still had plenty of juice left. I bought to clear my kitchen sink but this wasn’t long enough I had to rent a 75ft. However it’s a good tool to have for easier clogs. I used to have a manual one and let me tell you electric is they way to go. No more tired arms.

  485. ruben arriola


  486. Anthony Donatelli

    Cable broke within first 10 minutes of use. Had to disassemble the whole auger to get to the repair end.

  487. Roxie

    I live in an old house with roots in my drain pipes. This is so much easier than calling a plumber all the time

  488. Jordan

    I have been looking for a tool that is easier to operate for drain cleaning. This tool is battery powered which make it a safe tool to operate in potential messy environment.

  489. Robert Griffin

    I Love that it auto feeds and retractable makes it so much easy I Love it !!!!! ??

  490. Anthony DiSante

    I used this to clear a big clog from a 4″ septic pipe. Not the intended use, I know — but it worked great. The only thing I had to do was use pliers to expand the end of the snake/spring a little, to give it a bigger diameter, to make progress in the larger pipe.

    My only complaint is that the unit is VERY finicky with its motor. You need to pull the trigger extremely slowly and gently. If you just squeeze it quick like a normal drill, the motor will do a quick jolt (like 1/20th of a turn) and then stop, and the LED will blink quickly. Then you must remove the battery to reset the unit.

    The same thing happens frequently during usage. The unit is chugging along just fine, spinning quickly, not even hitting any obstructions yet, etc — and suddenly it stops and the LED blinks rapidly. You need to remove & replace the battery over and over to continue working. This is annoying and makes progress slow.

    This problem even happened while just testing the unit on a flat concrete floor, before it ever went into a pipe. So maybe mine is just defective?

  491. Amato

    Worked as advertised…very easy and straightforward to use.

  492. A. Wood

    Once you get used to it, it’s a good pool, but it’s only 25 ft but it’s very portable, definitely worth the money

  493. Tc Wang

    It is easy to use. It saves me a lot of labor and costs.

  494. Sue

    Good product. Easy enough for an elderly woman to handle, yet does the job.

  495. Neil patel

    The tool saved a plumbers trip. Easy to use and clean

  496. Tim Mason

    I’m the maintenance manager for a local retail grocery store/distribution center. On site, we have a carwash, and the drain in one of the bays clogged with silt and other debris washed from vehicles. This unit opened the drain in no time. Impressive performance, considering the price.

  497. Randall Bouman

    Paid for itself first time I used it. Easy to use. No more plumbers!

  498. Michael Scott Russell

    only wish it was longer. This is will worth the money. This is less than half the cost of commercial help and you can use it again.

  499. Lee1000

    Augured the pit to my cellar post-IDA

  500. Sherdem

    The product works great, but when I searched milwaukee battery operated plumbing snake on amazon….. and it was the only Milwaukee to show to so we bought it. We wanted Milwaukee because we have batteries and chargers. When it arrived I was confused why a brand I had never heard of was in the package. Went back and ran through the same search process and yes, I was tricked by the color. We needed to use it, and it worked great.

  501. Chris K.

    Wow¡­ I purchased this just this week and it got to my place the next day, and thank you for that as my bathroom sink would not drain, and my kids just kept making things worse while I was at work, just dropped their toothbrush caps down the drain and nothing and I mean nothing could get them out, they were lodged, and about 10 feet down the pipe in the wall. I gave up on it and was about to call a plumber, thank god I didn¡¯t do that. Would have costed me some $400 to get them out and my sink back to working. I decided to looking around Amazon to see if their were something I could try, and I found this item. This device is worth every penny it cost, and it doesn¡¯t cost much at all. I had the drain pipe cleared on the first try. The auger just smashed right through the toothbrush caps like they were nothing, and when I threw it in reverse, it pulled everything in my pipe that didn¡¯t belong there out with it with absolutely no effort. This will now be added to my tools everyone should have, because it is worth that much to have this things around. Thanks to Populo, you guys really saved me a lot of money and your auger device is very well built. I will now be looking at some of your other products, you earned it¡­

  502. B Mack

    We had an outdoor underground drain that was clogged with some small roots. I had tried unsuccessfully to unclog it using a hand auger. After a lot of frustration I opted to see if there was a better option available. Found this one on Amazon and it made a huge difference. Great instructional videos to teach you how to use it and the battery lasted quite awhile before I had to recharge it.

  503. Amazon Customer

    Great tool, works amazing , remove clog within 2 min of working on it. Entire set tool, bag, glove its absolutely perfect set for every household. Highly recommend to everyone

  504. Amazon Customer

    Great … after having used a manual auger all these years, I’m excited to use this product when needed

  505. Adrian Reyes

    Ten¨ªa un bloqueo en mi fregador hace meses, intent¨¦ con varias cintas manuales pero no lograba pasar, con este producto fue bastante c¨®modo y f¨¢cil, excelente compra

  506. C Toml

    Very simple motion, retracts easily and runs smooth with a good amount of power.

  507. maryam

    I am a novice first-time homeowner. Learning new things as new problems arise. So the experience and knowledge level is zero. I have used this product on a bathtub drain (completely blocked with standing water) multiple times during one week. It took me a little bit of time to get the hang of it. It took me three attempts to starts seeing results. And a couple more to unblock a bathtub drain that I almost lost hope on clearing after multiple failed attempts; that included:
    – Two bottles of Drano gel left overnight, followed by pouring hot water down the drain (did not do anything. Hopefully did not eat up the PVC pipes/learning new things every day)
    -Manual Auger, 65ft. Bought from and returned to Amazon. That showed signs of rust within one day!!!! Yes. I cleaned it right after ever failed attempt.
    – 5 in 1 Sink Snake Cleaner. I bought it from Amazon. It did not work; I just kept it.
    -Less prone to rust: Then comes Populo Electric Auger. It took me three days to finish the job as I would leave it due to frustration. I did not clean the Auger in between. The cable showed no signs of rust after the third day and completion of the job. Before storing, I took all the cable line out. I washed the cable with a hose, keeping the Auger dry. Let it air/sundry. I disinfected it as much as I could. I threw away the gloves after use, will buy new ones. Not washing/keeping the used ones.
    -Battery life: After the initial charge, the battery lasted for as long as I used the Auger. Several times, almost over an hour and a half of the total use time.
    I read all the instructions. I watched multiple videos on Youtube of this Augur and other electric Augers to learn tricks, etc. Populo’s reverse and forward buttons (the black ones on the side) have their own mind. Sometimes, they act as toggle buttons. Sometimes they work as stated. So every time, I have to check what the Auger is thinking now. Not a biggy, but a bit annoying.
    Now, this review is only after a week. If this fails to operate within six months to a year, I will update the review. For now, I am pleased with my purchase.

  508. Amazon Customer

    This was awesome. Our house is older and we do run into occasional plumbing issues. Have been wanting something like this for years. This thing worked great. Our shower was backed up and we weren’t able to just clear the drain like normal. Put this in there and it cleared it up immediately. Highly recommend it. Totally avoided having to call a plumber and now we have it for future needs.

  509. Will Murray

    I blew a few dollars on the manual drain snakes from that big box store and all made me question life and why anyone would ever choose to plumb for a living. All of them are in a garbage dump somewhere. After pricing electric drain snakes and not being able to justify spending a mortgage payment for something I wouldn¡¯t use frequently (which says a lot since I justified buying most of the Makita LXT product line), I bought this puppy 9 months ago after reading some positive reviews. This was my first venture into buying way off-brand tools, but I¡¯d already spent way more than the asking price in useless manual drain augers and so I figured what the hell. If it managed to unclog one drain without me questioning life and covered in nastiness at the end of the experience, it would be money well spent. After it had been sitting on a shelf for months with zero use outside of charging the battery, I was forced to use it when the master bathroom sink stopped draining altogether and the plunger wouldn¡¯t free the clog. Unbelievably, the battery was still fully charged after 9 months. Even more unbelievable was the fact that this thing actually worked quite well. It shot down through the drain with ease before bringing back a massive hairball and I was like a kid on Christmas. I am so happy that I wrote this review.

    Every American citizen should be given one of these at birth. Buy one.

  510. Melissa McGuire

    My BF used this in my sink. He was AMAZING how easy is worked. Worked like a charm the first time. Definitely a must have for your home.

  511. Tony

    I just purchased this plumbing snake and so far after one use I love it. The product seems to be very high quality and durable. I like that it has the automatic feature of powered forward and reverse, it makes the job of unclogging really easy! I would highly recommend.

  512. Tim

    Quick and handy for shower drain clogs and sink trap clogging. Easy to use and saves you from calling a plumber for an easy task.

  513. Kindle Customer

    My husband has been helping our neighbors clean their drains ever since he opened his birthday gift! It¡¯s absolutely wonderful!

  514. B. Ram

    I am very happy with my purchase of this drain snake. I had a manual one and it was awful. This is so easy and I am very glad I solved my drain issue with ease.

  515. Tina Montoya

    There’s nothing worse than a clogged drain! I purchased this auger because I had a clogged drain and was charged $150.00(cash only) to get my shower declogged. The plumber cleared it in less than 10 minutes! Never again! The drain clogged again within a month! But by this time I had already purchased the Populo Auger. I could not believe how fast it worked!!! Thank you Populo Tools!

  516. Carl

    I am a professional plumber, I bought this particular product for cleaning A/C condensation lines and Trailer sinks. I was very impressed on how easy it was to use and how easy it was to clean on the reverse. I wish it came with more heads but it still does the job.

  517. Courtney Johnson

    I used this on my toilet and it works but it kind of flimsy. I still had to have professionals come but for a small job it would probably work good

  518. Midnight

    Unclogged my upstairs bathroom sink drain in under 15 minutes. I had previously used a manual auger and spent hours to get it unclogged to no avail. This product is wonderful!

  519. Amazon Customer

    This product das everything what supposed to smooth and easy operate recommend two everybody

  520. Ed

    I had purchased a line snake to go on the end of my drill and it seemed to work once or twice, but it was difficult to operate without another set of hands. THIS tool took care of that problem. I’ve used commercial line snakes before, so I was familiar with the operation, however, I checked out the video anyway. Glad I did. It’s easy to operate by myself and has a nice even self-feed. It opened up my floor drain without an issue. I ran it through a few times just to make sure. Afterwards, I extended the cable and wiped it down to dry it out. There’s a plug in the “barrel” to drain any excess water from there. I highly recommend the drain & wipe procedure in order to lengthen the life of the tool. There is a disconnect on the cable right near the end, so you not only know when to stop the machine, but also to remove & replace the cable from that point. For just under $100 bucks, I’ve already saved at LEAST that much in plumber costs it’s first use.

  521. Nick

    I have not used it yet, but it looks good.

  522. Hal Barrett

    Works very well much better than the kind that attaches to a drill definitely recommend

  523. Robert Bruce

    This is a very good tool. Haven’t had it for long so can’t comment on how well it holds up over time, but it sure beats my many other snakes big time. Made the decision after paying a plumber to unclog a drain for more than I paid for this tool.

  524. dwc

    So easy to use. Best purchase ever!

  525. MB

    My a/c evaporator drain gets clogged from time to time especially when I forget to bleach the drain regularly. I watched my plumber come out and use a similar tool to clean out my sink drain so I purchased this. Well, sure enough my a/c drain got clogged tonight so instead of panicking and calling a plumber or a/c repair guy I pulled this out and ran it down the drai three times and am nice and cool tonight without having g to pay a few hundred for a tech. It works perfectly and easily. I¡¯ll still need to remember to bleach my drain but will run this down every few months just to insure it¡¯s clear. What a great tool!!!

  526. Paula Cadigan

    Just received the auger and looking forward to using it hopefully not too soon. We had a plumber come to remove clog from our tub however we thought it would be great to order one of these auger’s. I read the reviews and choose this one to purchase.

  527. Mathew May

    Packaging is great and for a battery powered auger, you cannot beat the price. Most attractive drain auger on the market. Cleared a stubborn clog in minutes.

  528. Gary@744

    The reason I added that is because I am a truck driver and no one is at my home so I can’t make appointments to meet plumbers this came in handy to me it really did I appreciate the value of the price and the product thank you

  529. Sara

    This product is easy to use, clean and the best part is that it works great, I really recommend it!!!

  530. Shakeh Barsoumian

    Excellent machine. Easy to use. I was able to clear the most challenging toilet clogs

  531. TCP

    Tired of using a drill power snake? This thing is sweet, first use saved me hundreds$$. Only 5 minutes and drain is cleared. Auto feed in both directions, cable spins in either direction. Just make sure to drain and clean after every use if you want to keep cable in good shape. My friend bought one after seeing mine.

  532. Alex Figueroa

    Really easy and light portable machine! Must get for you¡¯re home!

  533. Sam

    This drain cleaner tool was a great help at opening up my downspout drain line. Very easy to use and nice and lite and compact.

  534. Tiffany Bradley

    Opened box, connected battery and began using. Super simple.

  535. sven martin

    This drain snake has been amazing. Had a clogged bathtub, which I tried to clear out with a little manual hand snake (didn’t work). This guy cleared it out for me easily. Highly recommend it.

  536. Amazon Customer

    very easy to use. loved that the battery was charged when it arrived so I could use it right away. very light weight. would recommend

  537. John E.

    I absolutely love this piece of equipment. No more using a drill where you have to stop and adjust the auger. Way to time consuming. This unit works with ease. Read your instructions first and you won¡¯t have a problem. Used it on shower drain, bathroom sink and kitchen sink. Worked effortlessly. Would definitely recommend this product.


    I unclogged my shower and sink. It took out all the gunk.

  539. Mr Lou Claire

    Nothing like coming home from a long day at work only to find one of the toilet lines totally clogged. No amount of plunging would free it up. I was not going to call a plumber again. It always well over 200 bucks. So we used the spare bathroom for a few day while we waited for the auger to be delivered. Using it was very easy. It took a few tries to get it past the toilet. So about 10 feet out i felt it hit. I ran it back and forth until it freed the blockage. This is a must own for any homeowner.

  540. Md Mazharul Islam

    Bathroom and kitchen.

  541. Sana khan

    Paid for itself considering what a plumber would’ve charged for all the jobs it did on day 1. User friendly and easy to clean.

  542. Steven Economos

    This tool came with everything you need to snake a small drain like a shower, bath or sink. Good solid power tool for those small plumbing jobs. I highly recommend.

  543. Dirtynate

    Works well.

  544. Kexplosion

    the product worked exactly as described

  545. Zhopa

    Our incompetent plumber made only straight and right angle turns of our sewage drain pipes to our septic system and consequently our toilets are very prone to clogging. Normally, our CO2 plunger unclogs them but it could not unclog the latest blockage so I ordered this battery powered augur and it worked, so its our new go-to tool for sewage blockages. Well worth the money.

  546. Mark in Plano, TX

    I was a little concerned about battery life because it cannot be adapted with an external drill. The device worked fine though and we were able to use it a long time on multiple sinks.

  547. cef



    I ordered this in Oct. 29/21 N delivered Sunday, Oct. 31/21, so fast. I charged the battery 2-3 hrs. to fully charged. I tested it Saturday, Nov. 6/21, it took me 10 mins. to get use to mechanics…so easy But I never tested it on actual clogged drain bcuz it wasn’t clogged. I can’t wait to use it….it’s a must to have it if you’re a homeowner….

  549. Wisam abazly

    Easy to work with. Awesome

  550. Scott D

    Easy-to-use. Great price and product!

  551. Ahme boyd

    Saved me at least 400 on a plumber works great

  552. Chris L

    Used manual tool before and it’s simply painful! Looking forward to using this electric version when it clogs again.

  553. Michael Metcalf

    great, was able to get the clog, came charged, sturdy build, 9/10 sort of a pain to clean..

  554. Eric & Stacy Olson

    I usually have to call a plumber and spend several hundred dollars. This thing has already saved me a bunch and I¡¯m sure more in future

  555. Duane Da`Vein

    It’s an awesome little tool and has plenty of power. I have used it on toilets. If you go slow you can get into the main sewer line. Unfortunately, I tried it on a shower drain which kinked the cable but it was my fault not the tools. I was disappointed that a replacement cable is 1/3 the price of the tool until I looked at replacement cables for other brands.

  556. Roberta Johnson

    It’s a great tool, easy to use, and completed an issue in less than 5 minutes. Glad I purchased it.

  557. Charles R. Harrison

    It cleared out a clogged toilet in no time at all!

  558. Kevin Yeiser

    Very good and fast product that got the job done, without paying for a plumber.

  559. Dan

    I had a clog in my laundry sink. Drano or a plastic snake did not help. When this arrived. I have to admit, I was very skeptical about this product or any type of auger, wasn’t sure what to expect. Plumber was going to charge me close to $200 to do the same thing. I’m glad I bought this, it took a few tries in and out to get thru the p trap and wasn’t even sure it if I was doing it correctly. After 45min. the water miraculously started to drain. This most definitely saved me money and time.

  560. Brian PropstTop Contributor: Soap Making

    I was very pleased with this unit. It has the auger, battery, and battery charger which is very much a plus. It is easy to use provided you keep the auger in the pipe. I have used it for several different applications and it has never let me down.

  561. Michelle M.

    El art¨ªculo funciona, pero carece de fuerza, es ¨²nicamente para uso dom¨¦stico. Es bien producto para resolver problemas en casa.

  562. Sap Sucka

    I do maintenance on houses anf and it’s gotten me out of a jam several times ,instead of lugging out the big snake. Very easy to use !

  563. Juan Ortiz

    Trabaja super bien esta f¨¢cil de usar me dejo impresionado lo recomiendo

  564. Bill Russell

    Had a clog about 15 foot out and this item ate right through it no problem. Saved a ton of money as opposed to calling a plumber!

  565. usbritinusa

    I¡¯ve used a Rigid electric auger for years but it became increasingly more difficult to advance the auger by squeezing the front clamps to put pressure on the angled rollers where it would hardly advance at all.

    This unit with its battery power and shift selector was so easy to use and more importantly so effective. I¡¯ve thrown the other one away. This is now my go-to for clearing clogged pipes. A great tool.

  566. Nathan Touhey

    This machine is very comparable to a Milwaukee or a Rigid, I’ve owned all different types of automatic drain cleaners and this on holds up better than any other one I’ve ever owned! And for 1/4 of the price! Nice tool.

  567. Brooke

    Best value

  568. Carole

    My kitchen sink has been clogged for weeks. This drain auger, cleared a bunch of roots from the drain. It was easy to use. After breaking two manual snake drains for lack of experience of how to open the drain. This auger did the job and was preserved. The trick to me was once I hit a blockage whether moving forward or backwards, was to move the coil in the opposite direction for a bit then reverse it again to the previous direction. I was so relieved when a whole bunch of roots cam out from one area of the drain.

  569. anthony u.

    Just havevto bend the tip a lil so it can go thru the elbow<