Winter is coming…the winter’s yard is more prone to clogging due to the leaf. Are you ready for conquering clogged pipes? Don’t worry. The new 75ft drain cleaning machine already available now. Populo 75 ft Electric Drain POPULO Drain Cleaner Machine 5.8A,1/2 Inch Electric Drain Auger with 8 Cutters Gloves,Auto Feed Drain Cleaner Machine Commercial Sewer Snake Drill Drain Auger

75 ft drain cleaning
  • 【SAFETY & DURABILITY】- 75ft drain cleaning machine with built-in GFCI to protect operator from electrical shock. The upgraded superior steel frame with surface coated ensures the 100% stability during operating, avoiding the rust and extended life. It can quickly go through the complex pipes, clean long sections of 2 to 4” sewer drain and pipes. This 75ft drain cleaning machine is designed for commercial or residential applications, can be used on sinks, showers, drainage pipes outside, etc.
  • 【ANTI-TWIST WIRE CORE CABLE】 – ½” x 75ft premium steel cable is made of special material, with hardness heat-treatment, resists breakage, tangling, kinking, corrosion, and toughness. Go through multiple 90 degrees with ease. In addition, larger drum space prevents the cable from tangling or kinking when retracting cable. Simply to replace the cable if needed.
  • 【ADVANCED AUTO-FEED SYSTEM】 – Perfect for Professional 75ft drain cleaning machine, service plumbers: AUTO FEED control to power the cable in and out of the drain, making the cleaning process cleaner and more effective; Air-activated footswitch helps you control the cable more accurate. (Notice: the REV setting of the FOR / OFF / REV Rocker Type Switch is to change the direction of the cable’s own rotation, so that you can retract the cable to protect it when the blade becomes lodged in a blockage)
  • 【EASY TO TRANSPORT】Heavy-duty 8 inch durable wheel design can easily pass over bumps and upstairs, convenient to move in the work site even outdoors. The grip on the handle lets you to grasp it more easily and reduces the fatigues when moving this drain clean machine.
  • 【EIGHT SHAPES OF CUTTERS】- 8 different shapes of cutters are included: Boring Bulb Cutter, C-Cutter, Spade cutter, Arrow cutter, Spiral Sawtooth Cutter, Retrieving Auger, Funnel Auger and Expanding Finish Cutters makes the clog remover versatile at removing all kind of stoppages. Quick change coupling system for changing cutters with ease. A pair of gloves to let you straight away start clog.

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