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Populo Handheld ELECTRIC SNAKE –  PACE-23

Great Drain Cleaning Tool For Toilet, Sewer, Bathtub, and Kitchen Sink.

Clear clogs from drains up to 1-1/2 inch from 3/4 inch wide.

Advanced 2-way auto-feed control.

Built-in LED work light increases visibility.

Variable speed power rotates cable up to 560 rpm.

Lightweight (9.7 lbs) and easy-to-use.

EASY-TO-USE AND WIDE APPLICATIONS – is excellent for small line cleaning. The electric drain auger opens clogged lavatory and sink lines, urinals, and tub/shower drains 3/4-inch to 1-1/2-inch in diameter.


AUTO-FEED TECHNOLOGY – A Forward/Reverse handle controls drum and cable rotation and the variable speed On/Off switch provides control of the motor from 0 to 560 RPMs, your hands don’t have to touch the cable, providing a no-mess operation.


23 FEET CABLE – Durable Inner Core cable with a durable bulb auger head to easily penetrate difficult obstructions. It is a compression wound for strength and flexibility resulting in more maximum cleaning power. No rust, which extends cable’s working life.


REPLACEABLE CABLE – Segmented design and steel screw of the drain snake allows to replace cable quickly and easily.


ADDITIONAL TOOL BAG – Convenient for storage after use.


plumbers snake


Features 23 feet of durable 5/16” inner core cable with a durable bulb cleaner head to easily penetrate difficult obstructions. Cable is compression wound for strength and flexibility resulting in more maximum cleaning power.

electric drain auger


Set Feed handle in F position and pressing switch trigger – Auto feed.

Set Feed handle in R position and pressing switch trigger – Auto back.

plumbers snake


Illuminates job site for increase visibility.

drain cable


Segmented design allows to replace cable easily.







  • Electrical Rating: 120VAC 60Hz 2.3A
  • Related Speed: 0-560/min
  • Dredging Capability: 3/4″~2″
  • Cable Diameter: 0.275″
  • Cable Length: 23ft
  • Weight: 9.7 lbs.

What’s in Box:

  • Hand Electric Snake x 1
  • Tool Bag x 1
  • Glove x 1


Size: 8.1 × 11.6 × 20 inches
25 × 20 × 45 mm
Weight: 13.0 pounds

drain auger

Buy on Amazon: 23 Ft. Handheld Electric Drain Cleaner, Corded Operated Snake Sink Clog Pipe Cleaner Plumbing, Power Auto Feed Tube Cable, Great Drain Cleaning Tool for Toilet, Sewer, Bathtub and Kitchen Sink, Populo – – Amazon.com


  1. Surfer Dude

    My bathroom sink has been backed up for a few months. I can only run the water for about 10 seconds until it fills up and drains super slow. I purchased the gun that blasts air down the pipes, which helped a little bit, then about a week later it started draining slow again. I tried liquid drain cleaners, as well as a hand held snake that I spin the drum by hand, which kept getting kinked up every time it hits a turn. It also got stuck a few times and I had a tough time pulling it out. The cable on the hand held was unusable when it came out as it was kinked up really bad. I was looking online at electric drain cleaners. I saw some cordless ones that came with a battery and charger, but nothing beats consistent 120v power! I saw one at Harbor Freight tools, which is this same one under a different name. It was priced about $25 higher (the specifications, design, and controls are identical). My sink has been backed up this long, so I can wait a day or two and save some money by ordering this one. I ordered it on Saturday night and it arrived on Monday morning. After I got home from work, I unboxed it, read the instructions for the controls and then attacked the clogged sink. This cleaner has a LOT more power than I expected. I was actually very light on the throttle due to the amount of power. The snake self-fed over and under the sink trap and worked its way around the pipes inside the wall. I hit some stoppage and I just reversed the snake and gave it more throttle as I went forward and it just muscled its way through. This happened a few times. This was the only time I gave it more throttle power. I fed all 25 ft. of cable. I put it in reverse and it began to self-feed its way back in. There was some tension, but the power this has, it was no problem. There was very minimal hair at the end of the bulb head, but when it hit the stoppage, I’m positive that it pushed all of it out. I ran the water for a couple of minutes and it kept draining faster than the water could fill. I also put the sink stopper down and let the sink fill up and released the stopper, the water drained super fast. I haven’t seen this sink drain this fast in a long time. All of this only took about 10 minutes. The cost of this tool was cheaper than calling a plumber and I get to own the tool! I wish I would’ve found this sooner, I wouldn’t have spent so much time and money with all the liquid drain cleaners, air blasting gun, and hand held snake.

  2. Deepsea1

    It looks heavy duty but haven’t used it uet.

  3. W. Lowry

    I tried one of those hand turn augers and got no place. Those 2 attempts took about 15 or 20 messy minutes each. The kitchen drain was plugged 8 or 9 feet down. It took all of about 5 minutes to clear the line with this, and no mess. Reversing the drill reverses the forward and backward movement of the snake. The tool is marked for running the drill clockwise. This is not a problem since that is the normal way the drill should be run for both advancing and withdrawing the snake. The only time I ran the drill counterclockwise is to unscrew the end of the snake past the restriction at the top of the drain. The tool has a vent hole on the drum which should be removed after use. There is a keeper on the power cord for the vent hole plug. The vent hole plug requires 3/16 inch Allen wrench which was not supplied for my unit (not a problem in my case). If you don’t have Allen wrenches you might think about getting a set. It was fast, easy to use, and I don’t have another set of batteries to keep track of. I am very satisfied.


    Excelente calidad, el producto es f¨¢cil de usar.

  5. john

    Like everything about it. Maybe better directions on best way to use it. I watched you tube etc. but I am not a plumber and still not 100 percent up to speed on proper use and what not to do with the tool. I used it twice so far clean a toilet drain and a shower drain and it did the job unplugged both

  6. Philip G. Hampton

    It’s heavy duty and real easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone.

  7. mark

    It did the job for me twice already the stinky plumber charged me 100 per service call so after 2 uses it pay by itself and i did a better job according to my wife

  8. Wendy Wilson

    We loved how quickly this works and how much pipe it covers! Had some difficulties figuring some aspects out but the handbook helped!

  9. freakmeister

    The product worked well for us. We were having a problem with slow bathroom sink drainage. We tried liquid drain cleaners and even hand rodded it with a crummy drain snake from a hardware store. Finally we looked to Amazon and read reviews and debated the price vs. a plumber. We opted to buy this product. It did the job. We had to wait about a week for it to ship from California, but it was worth it . Now, if we should need this again, we will have our own drain rodder. Thanks!

  10. Kenneth R. Kitchens

    Fortunately I have not had use this devise as of yet, but have an project this summer, and will. It is better constructed than I expected. I have no complants.

  11. Kindle Customer

    This electric drain cleaner worked great on our bathroom sink that was clogged!

  12. Amazon Customer

    Save a lot of money renting this tool in stores

  13. Feifei

    As soon as I got this baby, I could not wait to open it since my bathroom sink had been blocked for couples of days and it annoyed me a lot. I read all the instructions, which is easy to understand. Then I started to clear the blockage in my bathroom, it was so easy to operate that it took me only like 5 minutes to clear the blockage. It was really out of my expectation. Thanks!

  14. Kengineer

    Got this today. First – read the directions. Follow the steps. Had to run it through twice, but got it cleared. Was deeper than I thought. Saved $150 easily (first use!). This and no sweat to run. It does all the work. Took about 20 minutes. Had some issues with a gift to get a free extra cable. I emailed support, and they helped and are sending the extra free cable. Was nice that they responded and replied to my questions.

  15. Steven Berg

    Good price on this top snake!

  16. Amazon Customer

    The cost of this tool was cheaper than calling a plumber and I get to own the tool! I wish I would’ve found this sooner, I wouldn’t have spent so much time and money with all the OTC unclogging products that never seem to work.

  17. David C. Pheanis

    I was impressed that the package included a carrying bag and even a pair of gloves. Be sure to read the user’s guide because the proper way to use the tool is not obvious. Follow the instructions for unlocking the lock ring and keeping the Rotation Direction Switch in the L position. The R position is for use ONLY momentarily to relieve cable tension, and running the tool in the R position can damage the cable. I don’t have a clogged drain right now, but this tool looks like a vast improvement over my old manual snake.

  18. Amazon Customer

    Good product. Came quick and worked well.

  19. Jerry McKoy

    Looking forward to using this.

  20. ~TomC.

    Great Tool! I just received my Populo Snake. I was very Impressed with the fit and feel. Has some weight to it. Nothing cheap about it. Simple packaging, well protected, but I doubt if it were dropped 10 or 15 times I would even know it! Very well built.

    I did a dry run with it to be sure I understand how to use it, and to be sure everything works as it should. I purchased it because the plumber I called 3 days before used it and cleared our drain Iess than 5mins. He was using the same tool. The only difference was, I had to pay him 4times what it cost to purchase this tool.

    I wish I could share my experiences with unclogging our drain myself, but I can¡¯t. But like death and taxes it will happen again.

  21. JP

    This is a great tool.

  22. Angel

    Still have to actually try it our on drains but looks robust and well made

  23. Amazon Customer

    Simple to use. Worked well

  24. Alyse

    Received today and used immediately. We are very pleased with how easy it was to use. It worked like a charm and helped with a nasty clog.

  25. Joseph Vargas

    Good heavy duty, works great!

  26. Olivia Shaffer

    Easy to use

  27. PoppaB

    Very pleased with this product. The thickness of the cable was perfect and did the job in just 1 attempt! Definitely beyond the value for the money paid!

  28. Ken Bedley

    Great product came early


    i use for kitchen sink

  30. Ann J.

    Awesome Snake…..it took care of that clog drain in our shower like a champ….i have used other drain snake this one was easy to use

  31. Barney

    The machine was easy to set up and I was able to operate it on my own. I got excited when the water started to drain!

  32. Robert Wong

    Came already assembled and ready to go. Fast delivery.

  33. M. Fazio

    So far it was used once and cleared everything immediately worked great I would recommend this tool so much better then others

  34. Rachel Aitkenhead

    This is a substantial tool with a powerful motor. I don’t have an inspiring success story yet, but I have at least made a difference in two very slow drains. I plan to repeat procedures when the tool is back in service. This will have to wait because the auger head DID get badly stuck in the second drain. Trying to back it out under power, the snake broke off, still stuck in the pipe. Hours later I finally got lucky and extracted the broken snake using vise grips. I do not regard the incident as the tool’s fault because getting a drain snake stuck is always a risk to be weighed. I can recommend it, but do understand the tool and respect the power. Note: instruction booklet has very tiny print.

  35. Lynn Cicchirillo

    I was very satisfied with the product. It was easy to use. I got it on sale for $80 and I it would have cost me a lot more to hire a plumber.

  36. David G. Smith

    Best drain cleaner on the truck. Works properly and quickly where other stuff has multiple requirements. Does not do damage to plastic plumbing parts! That is SIGNIFICANT!

  37. Nelson Ulises Medina Gonzalez

    Felicitaciones a todas las personas que laboran en Amaz¨®n empacando todos los productos Ecxelente empaque
    cordial saludo desde COLOMBIA.Estoy muy satisfecho con esta compra.
    Le envio fotos para mi amigo de CHILE que tiene dudas sobre el Voltaje de esta Herramienta

  38. Brenda Alvarez

    Es muy f¨¢cil de manejar una herramienta que debemos tener en casa

  39. Marie Ilza Esterlin

    I use it to unblock my shower and my sinks . I really like it because is easy to use and does a good job .

  40. Francisco j Loza

    the price

  41. J Johnson

    Worked great. Powerful. Auto feed is a must, makes job much easier.

  42. Bilal & Saloua

    I am a maintenance man and I have been using this tool on the job and it is absolutely wonderful. I recommend this product for anyone who is frequently unclogging drains because the product is heavy duty.

  43. Manuel Martinez

    Very good tool, great price, very easy to use.

  44. kelly snyder

    Great tool and an even better company! Would definitely recommend it!

  45. Jeff Selby

    I have been hobbling around after ankle surgery for over 2 months when my shower drain clogged so I decided to order this little unit after throwing away enough money on liquid drain cleaners to almost pay for it. So I had my wife set a chair next to the tub as soon as it was delivered and i had the drain free flowing in about 10 minutes. Very easy to use and it has already paid for itself by not having to call a Plumber out.

  46. Optimus Prime

    Works great. Feed is a little slow, but its effortless.

  47. Linda T

    Product is really easy to use. However, I was cleaning out a drain and the wire broke. I was able to retrieve the broken length. I was really impressed with it until the snake broke.

  48. Jill

    Bought this auger as a gift and it was received quickly. It was packaged great and it comes with a bag to store or travel. Will be giving the auger as a birthday gift to someone special. Looking forward to hearing from him when he receives it.

  49. Amazon Customer

    Works exactly as advertised! Pleased with purchase! My son Kyle wants one now! Happy customer!

  50. Umang Patel

    Quality is good & works great at low price.

  51. LH in NJ

    Works great!

  52. Lorenzo

    Works outstanding. Pulled a huge wad of hair that had accumulated because of wife¡¯s and daughter¡¯s long hair, that I couldn¡¯t get out. Also, used in the toilet because a guest had used several baby wipes and flushed them. Arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

  53. Guillermo Jaramillo

    Muy util,lo que m¨¢s me gust¨® fue lo f¨¢cil y c¨®modo de usar,sin contar que por el tama?o se puede guardar en cualquier parte,me gusto demaciado

  54. arturo meza

    Fasil fe usar

  55. Michael F

    The tool works perfect. It took me longer to carry the snake from the car than it did to clear the drain. I gave it 4 stars because the LED light is worthless. It’s just a dull glow.

  56. Roger T.

    Non of the chemical drain cleaners worked. I was able to open the clog with the Populo Electric drain cleaner but I had to do it twice. I guess the debris from the sneak clogged it again but it’s draining freely now.

  57. Melanie

    I bought this for a gift for my 91 year old grandpa. He loved it and couldn¡¯t stop telling everyone about it. It was just what he needed he said.

  58. Allison

    Very good, came with everything on picture

  59. Ron R.

    It looks well build. And so far, it’s worked great.

  60. Evan

    I¡¯m really impressed by the power of the tool. After weeks of messing around with other products, I bought myself this auger. Read the instructions carefully as you could easily jam the auger. With a little bit of patience, you can learn how to use this thing correctly. It took me about 30 minutes to clean out a very stubborn clog deep in my sink drain pipes. Better than waiting for weeks for a plumber! Also I would recommend this over the battery powered option as it just has more power and you don¡¯t have to worry about charging it up. Anytime I¡¯m doing plumbing in the house, I am near a plug anyway

  61. Brandon

    It is very simple to use and good quality.

  62. C Palm

    Cleaning out septic lines. Slow controlled feed was easy to handle. Cable did not bind and kink.

  63. Customer Service

    Works very good! Great product and great price

  64. Tracyann Cook

    Easy to use, worked like a charm

  65. Anil Shinde

    I was frustrated with the hand held manual rooter, tried to clean a tough clog with the manual rooter first, it did not work. This product arrive today and I tried to use it to remove the nasty clog under my bathroom sink. Worked liked a charm, of course one has to be mindful that tough clogs need forward and backward spins to be able to reliably remove the hairs that make to the lower end of the sink outlet in the wall, this product did the right thing, collected all the hair as needed.

  66. Vincent526

    I bought this product to clean a sub pump drain clog caused by roots, worked great, So glad I purchased it. Will be handy when other clogs show up.

  67. catherine s.

    This is my second 1 after much use and abuse my fist one broke .I quickly ordered another one . After trying everything else this is the only thing stopping me from Calling the plumber weekly. Thank you so much for making a great product ‘

  68. Amazon Customer

    Very easy to feed down the pipes. Nice to have the drill attached instead of at snakes with my own drills. The product arrived with a bent plug and a dirty storage storage bag, but I got it to work after bending back the plug and the dirty bag is not a big deal as I am not displaying it for guests. Didn¡¯t have time to request and wait for a replacement. I needed to snake a shower drain ASAP. I cleared out several other drains in the house since I had the snake out and dirty. Will use it to clear some pipes in an investment property before they get backed up by guests. Better to keep things cleared out than wait for an emergency block.

  69. JS

    Awesome tool!

  70. Harv

    The Drain Cleaner Handheld Electric Corded Snake worked very well on a clog that was down at the first 90 degree turn under the house in the crawl space. It paid for itself on its first use. The controls are easy to understand and use. My only complaint is that the “R” and “L” button located near the trigger is too easily pressed by accident. The instructions say if it pressed in “R” for reverse for too, long more than a few seconds, the motor can be damaged. I was taking care not to press this switch but still did for more than a few seconds by accident while trying to concentrate on clearing the clog. No damage was done to the motor. My recommendation is the manufacturer should redesign the product in the future and recess this switch under a switch guard bezel and make it take more force to press it in. However, I would still highly recommend this product. It works well and is easy to use and maintain.

  71. Esteban

    Excelente producto es f¨¢cil de usar f¨¢cil de limpiar todo drenaje donde batall¨¦ un poco es la limpieza del inodoro a la hora de penetrar regresa el cable pero si hasta el momento est¨¢ trabajando La m¨¢quina Es recomendable para uso de casa.

  72. Dro

  73. Diane J. Crawford

    It was very compact and easy to handle. Great price.

  74. Amazon Customer

    Little heavy but this the job

  75. Mark Kimberly

    Well worth the price. Easy to use

  76. Kenneth Anifowose

    Easy to use

  77. Amazon Customer

    I unstopped my toilet easily. Then I tackled my girlfriends sink, it had been stopped up for 2 years!! It worked!

  78. D.B.

    I purchased this in desperation after my so-called plumbing emergency service plan was unable to find a plumber to come out to unclog my toilet (for three weeks!). Given the option of finding one myself and paying upwards of $300 and waiting six weeks for reimbursement, I figured I would try this out. Wondering now why I waited. After a friend showed me how it works, I plugged it in, extended the augur enough to be down into the water, and turned it on. It wiggled its way down the trap with minimal assist from me, and when I figured it had gone far enough, I retracted it and out came the offending (but, blessedly, not offensive, item). I tell you, it’s a positive pleasure to feel fairly confident that everything is going to flush completely, and not to have to use the powder room in the basement several times a day. I did, however, decide not to re-use the toothbrush I retrieved 😉

  79. aden kane

    The rodder works great and is real easy to use. It unclogged my tub in just a couple minutes. Great product!

  80. pat laval

    Great product

  81. Yvonne Guidi

    It seemed to be easy to use and very good value compared to having a plumber come do do the same work.

  82. Amazon Customer

    Whenever the water in the bathtub slowly went down, I used it with a toilet plunger, but in a few months, that happened again. For a fundamental solution, I was looking for tools from Amazon, bought a Populo Drain Auger, did as the instructions, the water immediately flowed down without stayed, resulting in a great result at a good price.

  83. Parallax100

    I read good things about the Harbor Freight version, but they were out of stock. Based on price, I bought the Xtremepower version on Amazon. But they shipped me a used unit with a stuck snake. So I sent that back.

    With an online coupon, this Populo version wound up being about $10 higher than Harbor Freight, but it comes with a really nice bag and a set of utility gloves which do not get snagged on the rotating snake line. But the main thing is that it really works well! You need to read instructions: The Forward/Reverse switch near the trigger should stay in “F” position: Feeding and retrieving the snake is done with the F-O-R switch at the front of the machine (integrated with the front handle).

    I had a basement utility sink backed up, and I spent more than an hour trying to clear it with a manual drum fed snake. No dice. Just a good workout, but stuck sink.

    This Populo auger cleared the line (through the sink drain opening) in about ten minutes. When you hit resistance, instead of continuing to feed the snake, put the front handle in neutral (“0”) position and just let it run. The auger head will drill itself into the blockage. Patience. Let the machine do the work.

    My only hitch is that there was an X-brace across the drain opening I was working on. The auger went in easily (wide spiral at the tip), but it was tough getting the head out of the drain. Turning and yanking with pliers eventually did the trick, but that was the hardest part of the job. My fault, not Populo’s.
    Easily highly recommended.

  84. Steve in Burien

    Solid, heavy machine that works great. The wife is very happy with her ‘new sink’.

  85. Kenneth love

    Works exactly as advertised! Highly recommend!

  86. Vanessa Soto

    My father has been in the plumbing industry for many years, and I figured he could have a use for something like this. I’ve heard him talking about how certain drains can be difficult to clear out, so I looked for something that would make his job a little bit easier. Long story short, he really likes the drain cleaner. He said he was impressed with how efficient it was and how simple the instructions were. I’m glad this purchase was a good one! Thanks Populo Tools!

  87. Cecilia

    Facil de manejar

  88. Rod

    Fiddled around for hours with several different hand-operated drain snakes with no success. This power auger worked beautifully – all done in 5 minutes! Powerful, but easily controlled. Very happy with this product.

  89. Larry H.

    I had a “pro” try to open a blocked drain and a week later it was blocked again. I looked into buying my own Drain Auger and chose the Populo 23′ electric model. I received it today, took about 5 minutes to figure out how to use it and then used it for about 15 minutes and cleared the drain. This thing was great and cost me less to purchase than to call a local plumber for a one-shot visit!

    Great product, thank you!!

  90. Rae

    Saved me a lot of money. Everything I needed and more easy plug it in aim pull trigger and done.??

  91. Osman


  92. Disappointed Customer

    Bathroom Tub drain Line was plugged. Unplugged line very quickly. Well made product!

  93. Ben

    I clean quite a bit of tub drains out. This thing is very easy to use and nice to hold unlike the last cleaner I had. The only issue I have with this one is sometimes the reverse doesn’t work right – it turns but will not go back into the drum. I found out if I run the drill in reverse and then switch directions on the lever, it will start to go back in, then I just run the drill in forward and continue putting the cable back in. This thing works so good on clearing clogs I wouldn’t call this issue a deal breaker at all. This product is great.

  94. gabriel

    I need it for my job, and arrive just on time

  95. Gustavo Tena

    This tool helped out a lot with my drain problem! Will definitely look into this brand of tools to see what else they got!

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