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Blocked plumbing is a common and frequent occurrence for many homeowners. If a family has a drain auger or drain snake, it will save a lot of money, because the labor cost is very expensive. For different scenarios, there are also a variety of drain cleaning tools on the market. Kitchen sinks, bathtubs, toilets and other pipes have different targeted drain cleaning tools. In the process of selecting drain cleaning tools, it is difficult for many people to distinguish between drain auger and drain snake. POPULO, who focuses on the research of drain cleaning tools, is also surprised to find the difference between drain auger and drain snake. This article hopes to help everyone understand the difference for making better choices.

drain auger

Functionally, drain snake and drain auger are both used to unclog pipes. Drain auger and drain snake also use the tip to pull out the blockage when unclogging the pipe, but the size of the drain auger’s screw head will be larger. The cable of the drain auger will also be thicker than that of the drain snake.Therefore, drain auger is suitable for larger pipes. Drain snake is usually used for smaller pipes about 1-2 inches, such as bathroom sinks. Larger pipes ups 2 inches are usually recommended for customers to use drain auger with larger tips, such as toilets and shower sinks. If it’s a larger pipe which is more than 4 inches, neither drain auger nor drain snake apply. This requires the use of a professional sewer machine for dredging.

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