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PopuloTools has been focusing on the development of drain cleaning tools for decades, and has developed several drain cleaning machines, which are aimed at different clogging scenarios.

Head to our online Populo store, and you’ll find drain snakes come in all shapes and sizes. Grabbing the wrong one for the job might not get the job done. It can also harm your pipes. Choosing the right drain cleaning tool will make unclogging work more effective with less effort. You’ll find unclogging machines usually come in both manual and automatic types and come in all shapes and sizes. These are great workers for small clogs that don’t have a lot of buildup, such as sink, toilet and bathtub.

Our best seller is 20V MAX LI-ION DRAIN SNAKE KIT. 16.4FT DRAIN CLEANING TOOLS  which is the most versatile drain cleaning tools. This product is suitable for families and can unclog bathrooms, toilets, sinks where are frequently blocked scenes. Its weight is very light and the operation is very simple. We have many instructional videos for customers to learn. Any housewife can easily grasp.

If you want to pick a professional unblocking product, then I would recommend you Professional Drain Auger Machine, 50FT Sewer Machine  which is suitable for 2”-4” inches pipe. This large sewer machine can be used as garden plumbing cleaning machine and construction site plumbing cleaning machine. This product is complete with accessories and has 8 replacement heads that can be used with different clogging conditions.

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