The toilet is closely related to people’s lives. However, after using it for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be problems of one kind or another, but remember not to be too nervous. Find out the reason and then prescribe the right medicine, it will definitely be solved.

  1. The problem of the water tank

For the problem of the water tank, you can check the material of the water tank or whether the parts will be too old. There are many types of toilets on the market. But none of us can guarantee that some small manufacturers or bad merchants will produce some inferior toilets, so we can’t judge its quality from its appearance at all. Therefore, it must be checked from the inside, and its internal parts must be checked, because some small parts are relatively unusable, and will be damaged after a long time. If the problem occurs after a long time of use, then it is a phenomenon of natural aging.

If it is found that the problem is caused by the water tank, then the water tank should be disassembled at this time, and the parts of the water tank should be checked one by one to see if the parts of the water tank are in good condition, and some parts that cannot be repaired should be replaced; if the problem is too serious, it is recommended to The good thing is to replace the entire tank to avoid more serious trouble in the future.

  1. The problem of the sewer pipe

We cannot eliminate the phenomenon that the water in the toilet keeps leaking. It may be because of the sewer pipe, because the function of the sewer pipe is a main conveying pipe used to connect the toilet tank, and it is very possible.

If it is because of the sewer pipe, you should check the interface of the sewer pipe as soon as possible to see if there is any looseness, or if the pipe is blocked or damaged, and check one by one. If it is because the pipe is rotten, it needs to be replaced. If it is because of the joint, it should be fixed with a material similar to iron wire.

  1. The problem of the drain valve

The drain valve is a component that controls the water tank. The reason for the continuous flow of water may also be due to a problem with the drain valve, cracking or deformation during installation, or unevenness or unevenness on the installation surface. Caused by not being careful enough.

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