How to quickly unclog a blocked kitchen drain?

The kitchen drain is a place we use every day, but because we often cook and wash dishes, you will find that the drain of the sink is often blocked by oily things, and food residues will flow down unexpectedly, plus the weather is getting colder and colder. , There is no way for these oil stains to be dissolved, and the problem of blockage is prone to occur.

When the kitchen drain is blocked, many people do not know how to unclog it, and they are still foolishly using boiling water to scald, but this method is not only ineffective, but will make the sewer clogged more seriously, and will also release odors. So in this issue, I will teach you a little trick to unclog the pipes, which is better than running hot water. Let’s take a look.

1. Soap powder + vinegar to dredge

We prepare some boiling water, then put appropriate soap powder and vinegar in it, stir well and pour it directly into the sewer, and then add some simple dredging tools to achieve the effect of fast dredging. Because the soap powder can quickly decompose the oil in the pipeline, and the combination of white vinegar can completely kill the bacteria and make the pipeline dredged better.

2. Rice water + baking soda

Don’t throw away the rice-washing water left over from cooking. This is a super powerful sewage removal agent. With baking soda, the pipes can be quickly unclogged. Prepare a bowl of rice-washing water and pour it into it. Add baking soda and pour it directly into the pipe, the whole process is very simple.

3. Pipe dredging agent

There are many ways to cause blockage of kitchen pipes, the most serious one is a large number of foreign objects, such as vegetable leaves, meat, various ingredients, etc., blocking the inner wall will cause problems. Therefore, you can try the easy-to-use pipe dredging agent to solve the problem easily, without leaving traces, and without the problem of odor at all, you only need to pour it directly into the sewer, which can easily solve the problem, save trouble and effort. But this approach is likely to break the pipeline.

4. Drain cleaning machine

Use a drain cleaning machine to dredge the pipeline, which can completely remove the blockage, which is a once and for all method. Also, using the unclogging machine will not harm the pipes.

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