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How to Unclog Sink Using Drain Auger

Clogs in sink would happen in daily life usually. To successfully unclog a sink, a electric drain auger could help resolve the drain clog. This is a instruction of how to unclog the sink. 

drain auger to unclog sink

Before using the drain auger, to remove the water

To make the dredge clearly, you’d better scoop out the excess water as much as possible. Preparing a large bowl and a glass, and then remove the water in order to avoid leaking.

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Avoid leaking

You need to check for leaks, it is a good way to place a large bowl and tower underneath in order to catch any water spilling from the trap. As the same time, to place a basin could prevent leaking water from fouling the floor.

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Check the P trap

The P trap which have some water standing inside comes down and up and then into your wall. You need to loosen the slip knot, it usually could do it by hand. When you take down the p trap, the water will comes out. Then you could check if the clog is located inside.If so, you can use a bent wire hanger to remove the clog. If not, you’ll need to use your electric drain auger to access the clog.

unclog sink
Use the electric drain auger

 Hold it within four inches of drain or overflow, and then turn on the switch. After feeding about six inches of cable into the drain, you may begin advancing the cable using the switch trigger or continue advancing it manually. If you feel pressure as the cable moves through the pipe, you may begin pulling back the cable then continue advancing several times. After several times of dredging, you can check to see if it has been cleared.

unclog the sink
Clean the drain auger

The drain auger should be cleaned after each use to prevent contamination and residue build up. If the blockage is wrapped around the drain cleaner, you can use scissors to clean it up


drain auger
Fit on the P trap and clean the surface

After clean up the drain cable, reassemble the drain trap and clean the surface then you could use the sink normally.

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