How to Use a 50 ft Sewer Snake

A professional sewer machine could be used in 2 to 4 inches main pipe. Learn to how to use a 50ft sewer machine.

Today we look at our new 50 ft electric drain auger that from Populo Tools. This is an auto feed drain cleaner machine commercial sewer snake drill drain auger cleaner for 2 to 4 inch pipes. The sewer machine is used to unclog a main pipeline. This is an instructional video to teach you how to use a Populo 50 ft sewer machine.

sewer machine

Place the sewer machine in a location near the drain. To protect your hands, wearing a pair of gloves is necessary and putting on rubber rain boots are also recommended.

sewer machine

Loosen the tangled power cord and foot switch. Position Foot Switch in a convenient location as close to your body as possible.

funnel auger

Take the Funnel Auger from the Tool holder which could be used in exploring a breaking up stoppages. Use a screwdriver to install it in the head of the snake.

grab the cable

Loosen the tension knob to grab the cable with both gloved hands and place the tube over the snake to prevent cable tangle.Tighten the tension knob and turn the power-feed lever to the F position, start feeding the cable further into the drain.

electric snake

Plug cord into a properly grounded outlet and move the rotation switch into the for position with dry hand. This is the power-off protection and you need to test if the power-off protection is on before you use the sewer machine.

sink snake

 Press the foot switch and note the direction of rotation of the drum. If the foot switch does not control the drain cleaner’s operation, do not use the appliance until the foot switch has been repaired. The drain snake can extend up to 50 ft in length.

rotation switch

After the clog has been cleared, put the power-feed lever in the R position to pull the cable back. Turn the Rotation Switch of the tool to its “OFF” position and unplug the tool from its electrical outlet.  Pack up the power cord and the foot-switch, then push the machine to the corner of the wall. 

50 ft plumbers snake
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