POPULO 3 in 1 Led Work Lights with Magnetic Base

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POPULO LED work lights set is a good helper in life. It contains 3 heads that can be easily switched,two-speed adjustable lens, which is suitable for various situations. Works perfectly well for car repairing, home lighting, camping, hiking, power outages. It is also a high lumen multi-function flashlight with ipx4 waterproof function,which is suitable for use for the rain, snow, or emergency situations.


  • 【3 IN 1】The POPULO LED work lights kit includes a flashlight, a slim bar foldable light, and a flex-shaft light, each head can be quickly switched. All three heads support 2 brightness modes, high and low
  • 【USB Rechargeable Flashlight】POPULO provides a rechargeable and replaceable 3.7V 1800mAh lithium-ion battery high lumens flashlight, a USB cord for charging the device, the light can last up to 4hours(high)/16hours(low)
  • 【Magnetic Flashlight】A strong magnet in the flashlight tail let you free up your hands for other things. The flex-shaft light with flexible gooseneck and magnetic base. It can absorb iron in corners, penetrate deep into a small dark space. Freely rotation provides multi-angle illumination
  • 【Adjustable Focus & Rotary】Spotlight flashlight can help you to find cats, dogs, and other lost items easier. The LED work slim bar foldable light can rotate 360° horizontally, provides multi-angle illumination, and Emergency Lights For Home Power Failure.
  • 【Water Resistant & Practical】It has an IPX4 waterproof rating, which is suitable for use in the rain, snow, or emergency situations. Works perfectly for car repairing, home lighting, camping, hiking, bbq, power outages, and giving away a package, it also can be a gift for a friend or family members.
  • *A nice gift for family and friends*


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3 In 1 LED Work Light

Unprecedented 3-head configuration, each head can be quickly switched, each has its own use, 3 heads in one handbag.

drain cable

USB Charging

Comes with a USB charging cable, the 3.7V,1800mAh lithium-ion battery is a rechargeable battery, it can last up to 16 hours.(Tip: Tighten the base before charging)

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The Flashlight

The brightest flashlight with high lumen brightness, wide beam and range, POPULO flashlight with rechargeable battery for camping, home and car breakdowns.

plumbers snake

Adjustable Focus

The flashlight and flex-shaft light all have 2 modes for adjusting the range of the light, zoom in (floodlight) / zoom out (spotlight).





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2 Light Modes

The switch allows on/off mode and switching between two lighting modes, high/low, double-click to turn on the highlight mode.

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The Slim Bar Light

LED light to provide a powerful white flood light which can broadcast larger areas. Foldable light can rotate 360° horizontally, which provides multi-angle illumination. It also has a magnet base and swivel hook, which is easy to use for any occasion.

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Magnetic Flashlight

The powerful magnet for the bottom can fix the flashlight, which is convenient for freeing your hands during use, the flex-shaft light can adsorb iron sheet and iron screws, etc.

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The Flex-shaft Light

It can be flexibly turned to all angle, suitable for car inspection and repair, There is a magnet in the head to help you pick up the lost screws.





  • Input rating: 5V DC(USB charging cord can fit in with any regular 5V Charger with USB port)
  • Battery: Li-ion Type,3.7V,1800mAh
  • Charging Time: 4-6hrs(based on 1A)
  • Water Resistance: IPX4
  • Slim Bar Light 400 / 160 Lumen (high / low)
  • Flashlight 320 /140 Lumen (high / low)
  • Flex-Shaft Light 120 / 70 Lumen (high / low)
  • Run Time: Slim Bar Light 4 Hours(High)/8 Hours(low). Flashlight 4 Hours(high)/10 Hours(low). Flex-Shaft Light 10 Hours(High)/16 Hours(low)

What’s in Box

  • 320/140 Lumen Flashlight x 1
  • 400/160 Lumen Slim Bar Foldable Light, x 1
  • 120/70 Lumen Flex-Shaft Light x 1
  • USB Charging Cord x 1


Size: 12.44 × 7.24 × 3.11 inches
31.6 × 18.4 × 7.9 cm
Weight: 1.74 pounds
0.79 kg

Buy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08HMYQKC2

42 reviews for POPULO 3 in 1 Led Work Lights with Magnetic Base

  1. Kevin

    Amazing light, So versatile. Used it while working on the truck then used it to light up the BBQ.

  2. sureenm

    Well made. As described. 3 attachments. Battery included. Very useful product. When my AC is down in the nights and if I need to do little service this light will help to go in the dark and fix. Product as described. Not sure if I can get a replacement battery.

  3. Skip Somers

    I do mobile repair on just about everything for the everyday average consumer & I own about 18 different rechargeable lights from flashlights to work lights & everyone of them had a magnet so you can pretty much have light anyway you’d like. Now this POPULO is OUTSTANDING, first I’ve seen of it’s kind. Absolutely love how easy the interchangeable heads are & the best part is the price.. this thing wasn’t made cheap in fact it feels more sturdy than $100 lights I have not to mention the design of quick release is absolutely top notch!! If you want bang for you buck, look no further.. it won’t fall apart in a week so stop scrolling past thinking “oh those different heads won’t last” I’ve had mine few weeks now & use it daily swapping out heads & still the same as when I bought it.

  4. Wayward Son

    Opening the box, I found a nice little case for the light & all its parts. Pretty nice, the bottom has a molded
    inlay to fit everything.

    This light comes assembled with an LED flashlight head installed, with an adjustable LED bar light and an LED
    flexible snake light slotted separately. It takes a single 18650 rechargeable battery, which is included but
    not installed in the light. The base cap (which is magnetic) simply unscrews. Drop the battery in, replace the
    cap & it’s good to go.

    It has 3 modes, off, normal and bright, selectable by a push button switch on the side of the body. There is a
    micro-USB port on the opposite side for recharging via an included USB to micro-USB cable. I plugged the light
    into a USB charger on my desk using a standard USB to micro-USB cable that I have for a tablet and it worked
    fine. There is a charge indicator light around the micro-USB port that comes on while plugged in, initially red while charging and changing to green when charged. It’s also just a regular 18650 rechargeable battery, so there’s no issues with having extras fully charged at hand (and there’s enough room in the case to store them with the light) when doing bigger jobs that drain the battery down to empty. Just remove the base cap and swap it out with a charged one with no need to wait while it recharges if you don’t want to.

    The regular flashlight head is adjustable by sliding the head in and out from the body. The light pattern is
    pretty clear and even. The tightest setting it takes on a squarish profile, becoming more round as it opens up, typical of LED flash lights.

    The light heads are quick release, held in place by a spring loaded locking ring. Pull it back towards the
    body of the light to release the light head & pull the head assembly out. Push the desired assembly in firmly
    until the locking ring snaps in place to secure it.

    There are 2 others included, a flat bar shaped lamp that it fully adjustable so you can set it to whatever angle
    is needed.

    The flat bar light casts light over a larger area and is very good for illuminating a bigger space.

    For me though, possibly the best feature is the flexible snake lamp. This allows me to aim the light exactly
    where I need it, extremely useful when working on my vehicles. Just find a spot of metal and stick the base of the
    body to it and flex the light around to aim where needed. The lamp head is also adjustable from a small to larger
    area, also by pulled the head in and out, same as the regular flash light head.

    When not in use, everything stores inside a nice little firm shell case that both protects everything and
    keeps it all together so nothing gets lost.

    All in all, this is a pretty impressive light. I like it a lot.

  5. Ashley

    My boyfriend loves these

  6. Lisa

    Just started a job as a home inspector. I like how it uses a 18650 rechargeable battery. The battery life so far is good. I only wish there was a digital percentage to show how much is left. The lights pretty bright! It lights up electrical panels and with the magnetic base and the light bar, it makes gives me ample lighting! I would recommend this to other. My colleague is planning to buy the same one!

  7. Guillermo Miranda

    El producto es muy util para iluminar condiciones con poca luz diurna y nocturna. En adicion provee para iluminacion de lugares especificos y puntuales usando las capacidades flexibles de magnetismo, cuello de jirafa y barra de luz para necesidades especificas.

  8. jj

    I like almost everything about this LED Flashlight kit except the focusable Light head, a fixed reflector puts out much more light than a magnified slide lens, its low light output doesn’t compare to other lights. The Cob end gives a good flood light and the flexible Head has good reach for tight areas.

  9. Bose20102010


  10. eric

    Very well built metal flashlight body with three different flashlight heads. They all work the same and have 2 brightness settings. One generic 18650 battery is included which is fantastic because it can be easily replaced with a better one or if the included one goes bad. It charges with a USB cable to charge but you can also easily remove the battery if you have several batteries and an external charger.

    The light is fairly water resistant and the charging port has a rubber cover on it to keep water out. The lights detach easily using a very nice locking mechanism that you pull down to release and you just push the new light in and it clicks in place. Lights rotate 360 degrees which is mainly important for the long flat one, since it allows you to angle it in any position easily.

    The normal looking light has a sliding end that can change the beam from spot to flood and is probably the brightest for general use. The flexible light isn’t as bright but has a very flexible neck that can get into very tight areas and is great for automotive work as it can flex into any area easily. The long COB light is my favorite and shines a big flood of light in a general area and can be angled just about anywhere you need. It’s really nice to have all these options with one light and they all store in the included semi hard case to keep things together and protect them.

    The base of the light is heavy and has a very high quality feel to it. It has a super strong magnet on the bottom that sticks well to even very thin metal. Excellent magnet on this light, probably the best I’ve seen. There is no hanging hook on this light, which is common on lights like this and that’s probably the only thing missing from this fantastic flashlight.

    I’m a big fan of this light. I love that you can replace the battery easily and it’s just so solidly built. No complaints, and I’ve been using this every time I work on my vehicles and it’s my new favorite small shop light. Battery life is good, 3-4 hours on high brightness, and it can last just about all day on the lower brightness, which is still fairly bright. There’s no flashing or strobing on this light, it’s just bright, less bright, off which I like.

  11. Randy J

    I was looking for a light I could use to illuminate small spaces where I’m working such as under a car dash, under a desk, under a sink, etc. This versatile light has a couple of options that make that possible.

    The light itself is a clever design. It has three different heads that attach via a quick disconnect like you have on a garden hose. Very easy to switch. The light bar can swivel 360 degrees and can be set at any angle. The quick disconnect parts move smoothly. The flashlight has a fair amount of weight to it and feels sturdy.

    I really like the fact that the light has only two settings — high and low. So many flashlights these days have strobe, SOS, emergency (red) lights etc. This one just has the basics. You press the switch once for high, twice for low and a third time for off.

    Recharging is simple. You plug the supplied mini USB cable into the flashlight and the other USB-A end into a power source. It doesn’t come with an adaptor so you’ll need an AC power brick or an outlet with a USB power source. The power port glows red when charging and changes to green when fully charged. The charge light is large and easy to see from any angle.

    Everything comes in a very sturdy 7″ x 12.5″ x 3″ case (not small). You can only store the base with the regular flashlight head attached because the case is molded with specific slots for the other heads.

    The only problem I found is that the flashlight is top heavy. If you are using the light bar or the flexible light the flashlight won’t stand up by itself. It will fall over. The base of the flashlight is magnetic so if you have a magnetic surface like the inside of a car hood you can attach it magnetically. However if you are working in an area that doesn’t have a metallic surface you will need to lay the light down and use the flexible head — which doesn’t have the same light output as the light bar. If this light would have included a large snap on base I would have given it 5 stars.

    I’ve only had it for a short time and I’ve already used it twice. This is a handy tool!

  12. Junichi Y.

    Well made and easy to use. All necessary functions for the work light are available in one product. Panasonic NCR-18650B battery perfectly works with the product. I also like a nice case included. I’m very happy to have the product.

  13. Kiyo M.

    The first one didn’t work but I have to applaud this company’s quick customer service and response for getting a working one when I contacted POPULO directly. 5/5 for that.

    It’s really cool how you have 3 different attachments and the magnetic makes it really useful to place when working.

    All the parts come in handy, especially the flexible one when I dropped something in a hard to reach area and that really helped me find it.

    It uses one rechargeable 18650 battery.

    This is definitely nice addition to have in your tool box!

  14. David P.

    Multi Head Options Well Worth the Price!!

  15. Duarte Rodriguez

    sobre paso mis expectativa, excelente producto recomendado al 1000 x 1000

  16. Chris Taylor

    3 different “heads” you can swap out. flash light. work area light and gooseneck spot light.

    standard 18650 cell so it won’t be a throw away in a few years when the battery dies and USB charged. also comes in a nice case to hold everything.

    Really nice little light kit!

  17. Christopher chiras

    Best light ever

  18. Brian

    I love this light so much I ordered a second one. This light is so useful with all of the attachments. The second one I am taking to work with me. I highly recommend this product.

  19. edward

    Was as in add shipped fast.

  20. metal god

    needed to inspect parts at a dimly lite bench. does the job well

  21. S. Ralph

    You know …I think this is a very nice lighting system to work on any project or if you just need a flashlight and why somebody would return it I don’t know …yeah …the light I got was a return, but, it wasn’t listed as a “return”. The end of the light has a magnet and it is very strong so the light will stay put. I have a hand axe?? which I use as a base to stick the light to …until I can get something different at the hardware store. Anyway …it’s a really nice light.

  22. Terry l.

    The quality of this unit is excellent. Everything fits perfectly and the quick release and lock make it convenient. I believe I can change the attachments in the dark with no problems. The lights work and are bright. I’m going to order another one for a friend. I know he’ll like it too. I doesn’t come with a 5v charger? But my cell phone charger worked perfectly. Also the case is real nice too. The shipping was fast and arrived packaged well.

  23. Kathleen M

    Love the size, the magnetic base and multiple easy to change light options.

  24. Gilberto

    It is a great tool for the shop

  25. Amazon Customer

    Strong magnetic

  26. Jose Omar Flores

    Nice and easy handle, great ilumination

  27. John j Fletcher’s

    Works great, attachments are easy to change.

  28. Amazon Customer

    Magnet is not strong!



  30. H¨¦ctor

    Great for all kind of work, very capable in every situation so far, been trying a lot of different light for work, and this is by far the best.

  31. Arizona Hiker

    I have had this light for a few weeks now, and it is great. It has a strong magnet for mounting the light to a steel surface in my vehicle while working on it. I like the multiple heads. I mostly use the bar light for working on vehicles. I use the flex head for getting into small spaces, which is handy. The battery seems to last awhile, I have left it on for a few hours, and come back and find it still on. The construction is solid, and the light head connections connect pretty firmly. They are easy to swap.

  32. Gerb Bergen

    This is such a cool light for use both in the car and the shop. My friends have already ordered themselves one! It charges via USB and it comes in a cool case with room for extra batteries (if you have them). Highly recommended.

  33. Mcotto

    I buy and go through a lot of flashlight if you the battery doesn¡¯t work long enough the lights fail or all the above I¡¯ve use this light for approximately 12 hours without recharging yes I am very brutal when it comes to flashlights but it seems that this was holding up I would buy another anytime of the day

  34. Mawk1

    Nice 3-in-one light at the price of a standard flashlight. This particular light is worth the extra few dollars you pay compared to other similar/identical lights you see here on Amazon that look to be manufactured in the same factory. Compared to those, this light has a better case and a better snake-light attachment that’s a full 16″ with more lumens and a magnetic pick-up (see pics).

    The batteries are all identical for these lights so the recharge and shine times are identical as well. This light will also shine while being recharged, which is huge if you forget to recharge it/kids drain it unbeknownst to you and suddenly you have a need. We¡¯ve all been there! With the included (or better yet, your own much longer) USB cable, you¡¯re back in business regardless.

    The magnetic base on the flashlight is quite strong when affixed to high iron content metals. On other alloys it may lose some grab, as is usual with all magnets. This thing is NOT falling off the inside of a typical car hood, trunk or fender. The magnetic pick-up on the snake light attachment is less powerful, but still easily able to retrieve your typical dropped fasteners.

    I think you’ll be happy with this light. The only thing I can’t comment on is the longevity, but I expect that to be acceptable based on the build quality and the fact it has a padded case with a foam insert.

  35. Joshua


  36. peter

    Very good

  37. Polo

    I wish I would¡¯ve known about this system years earlier. I have all kinds of individual component LEDs with magnets to work under a car. But this well package system has everything I need. Excellent excellent quality well-designed a bit pricey but at this point I would say pay the price and you will get what you paid for.

  38. Brook

    Talking about the flat lamp attachment I wish it was a bit brighter. Otherwise it’s a great and versatile light.

  39. gaithk

    Very useful product and love that it all comes in a case!

  40. Frank

    My husband loved this product I bought it as a Christmas present this year. The only thing is I wish it had a second battery and charging base to change it out, for when the battery starts to go low.

  41. Robin Butler

    An awesome light. Very versatile

  42. Lee Dudley

    I carry this in the semi with me and this thing is awesome. Changeable heads are a fantastic idea and these guys pulled it off wonderfully. Charge lasts a long time also.

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