POPULO Hybrid Water Transfer Pump Li-ion Battery

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POPULO hybrid AC/DC water transfer pump is a portable water transfer pump that can move water at high speeds, up to 325 gallons per hour, unloading it from containers or other work surfaces with ease. You can keep it standing by itself with its detachable base, or you can hold it up to keep its power source elevated from danger with the top-mounted plastic handle. You can keep it charged with a battery for waterlogged situations on-the-go, or plug an extension cord into its AC power slot for DIY cleanups at home. Transfer pump will keep your batteries protected with the plastic cover that latches over POPULO battery you have plugged into it.

  • 【AC/DC HYBRID PUMP】Populo water transfer pump is a self-priming pump, can run off a Populo 20V Lithium battery pack or 120VAC electric power, ideal for water plumbing tasks, dumping kids swimming pool into the same spot, using it to run a sprinkler, transferring water from the tank into your camper/rv, clearing and emptying water out of tanks etc. Pumps over 150 gallons on a single charge of a 4.0Ah battery included.
  • 【SIMPLE AND PRACTICAL】Our portable power water pump is easy to use, just connect the water hoses and press the on/off switch to work directly. The water suction pump has a suction lift up to 6 ft, Max flow 325 GPH, and 45 ft Max head lift, which can meet most of the daily uses. The water intake and discharging ports of utility pump adopt any of ¾” garden hose thread (discharging hose not included).
  • 【STABLE AND EASY CARRY】Populo hybrid water transfer pump kit comes with a large base increased the stability when plumbing. Built with a splash-resistant battery cover, an easy-carry handle on the top of this pump for convenient movement, all accessories can keep in a tool bag included for easy carry.
  • 【YOU WILL GET】Including transfer pump x 1, priming oil x 1, power adapter x 1, inlet hose x 1, hose clamp x 1, suction filter x 1, 4Ah battery x 1, battery charger x 1, tool bag x 1, User manual x 1. Buy at ease!
  • 【AFTER-SALES SERVICE】This pump is designed for water transfer only! Other objects like oil or chemical liquids can not use this pump. To maintain a smooth running and extend the life of this transfer pump, you can drip an oil provided into the cavity from the water intake port before using it. 12-month warranty for this product is provided, please contact us via email if you have any questions.


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Universal ¾” Thread

The kit comes with a spring hose with a universal ¾” brass thread. The Populo transfer water pump can be adapted to the common ¾” thread on the market.

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Suction Filter

The complimentary suction filter can sink into the water better, and can also effectively prevent impurities in the water from entering the transfer pump.

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Viewing Window

The clear viewing window can see the water flow for identifying blockages. The impeller and cavity made of high-quality materials can greatly increase the service life of the water transfer pump.

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Populo water transfer pump has a stable base, which can maintain the stability of the water pump during water transfer.



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Working Status -LED

LED working indicators can conveniently monitor the working status of the water pump.

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Sealed On/Off Switch

Convenient one-button switch design, press to start or stop the water transfer pump, very convenient.










  • Electrical Rating: 120VAC / 20V Max
  • Max Flow: 325 GPH
  • Max Head Lift @ 0 Flow: 45 ft
  • Cable Diameter: 0.275” (7mm)
  • Discharg Port: 3/4″ Garden Hose Thread
  • Power Adapter Electric Rating: 120VAC 60HZ 3.5A, Output: 18VDC/8.3A
  • Battery Pack: 20V Max, 4Ah, Li-ion
  • Battery Charger: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.8A, Output: 21.5VDC, 1.5A
  • Charging Time: Approx.3 hours

What’s in Box

  • Transfer pump x 1
  • Tool bag x 1
  • 4Ah battery x 1
  • Battery charger x 1
  • Suction filter x 1
  • Inlet hose x 1
  • Power adapter x 1
  • Primming oil x 1



Size: 12 x 11 x 11 inches
Weight: ‎4.4 pounds
2 kg

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Buy On Amazon:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08MT5CX3S



18 reviews for POPULO Hybrid Water Transfer Pump Li-ion Battery

  1. Harold

    I purchased this pump to drain a low area in my basement. There is not enough room for a sump, so I have to use a transfer pump. Problem is if our power goes out there is no protection against a flooded basement. The answer came with the Populo hybrid pump. I have it installed now, and it’s been tested with both battery power and the AC power supply. It works very well, and seems to produce ample outflow. I’m not sure if you can have the battery in at the same time it is running on AC, so that it would automatically switch over. Even if it doesn’t, I can still manually install the battery in the event of high water and loss of power. An alternative would be to get a generator, of course, but the Poplulo is a lot cheaper and easier.

  2. Paige Lloyd

    I haven’t had a chance to use this pump yet, so this review is based mostly on aesthetics and ‘feel.’ I’ll update this review after using in the field.

    So, my initial impression was this thing is well built. It feels solid and not the cheap, flimsy sort of plastic I was expecting from a brand I’d never heard of. Also, the bag it comes with is fantastic, helps you keep everything in one place. My hopes are high for this pump because the concept is great – cordless capabilities, long run time, decent GPM/speed and great price. Fingers crossed!

  3. hsmama

    I purchased this pump specifically for transferring water into our camper¡¯s holding tank. I was drawn to its lithium battery powered option. I have used it once so far and it works GREAT! Transferred water at a rate of 5 Gallons per minute, and continued for 80 Gallons total, filling our tank without stopping. The battery still had power to spare. Battery charges fairly quick. The cary bag is large enough to hold all components included with the purchase. You will need to purchase an additional hose for use from the pump to your intended filling location. I pumped water approximately 40¡¯ away and up a 3¡¯ height difference with ease.

  4. Bromptonboy

    Although I set this up, I have not had a chance to use it yet. We wanted this for a few reasons. We had an issue last year where a sump pump failed, and this is the perfect device to have around to help pump out some water in a pinch. We also have a window well into the basement (an egress window) – that sometimes can fill up with water when there is heavy sustained rain. We will use this to pump the water out before it leaks into the basement. Charging and setup seem to be easy-peasy – and operation even simpler.

  5. Sparky

    This is a good pump. we planted some orange trees in a clearing and needed a way to water them. We have a small pond near near by but no electric.
    This pump moves plenty of water through 200′ of hose up a slight slope with no issues or drama.
    I am able to water them several times before the battery needs recharging.
    This was a good alternative to the expense of running electric which would of cost a arm and a leg (have you looked at the price of wire lately ? I have)
    this is a good pump and you will not be disappointed with it.
    5 STARS

  6. Northern Lights

    I’m very impressed with how well this battery operated pump works. I currently have 15, 50 gallon plastic barrels of water stored in an unfinished part of my basement. During an extended grid-down emergency, I would have to transfer that water into 5 gallon buckets using a hand operated pump. If that’s not already enough work, I would then have to carry those buckets up an outside set of stairs and into the house.
    This pump operates on a battery and it does the same amount of work in about 8 minutes, that would take me well over an hour doing by hand.
    Everything about this pump is quality. It runs good, looks good, and functions way better than my previous hand pump method.
    For my particular use (during a power outage) I will be ordering a spare battery for it.
    Easy five stars.

  7. freddy Munguia

    I used my new PoPuLo transfer pump a week ago on removing a 50 gallons water heater and for me this product for worked great in minutes drained down its a great tool

  8. chase wycoff

    Unboxed pump and tried it work amazing and the battery feature makes it very portable, i work on appliances and this makes draining dishwashers and washers very easy

  9. mary

    Very impressed with this product well made sturdy and put together well.
    This is the type of products we should be making and buying. We have no problem giving this tool a 5 star rating and will definitely buy and recommend more products from this company. Thank you

  10. Have Gun

    Each spring we have a small pond in our yard. I used to pump it out with a 2 Cycle pump. Pain in the ass to mix fuel. This pump works way better and faster.

  11. Lauren

    If your looking for a Electric pump you got one at first a had doubts but it¡¯s the best electric pump on the market. If your looking for a pump that¡¯s not gasoline here it is. We used it to pump water off of a 65 gallon tank on a trailer pulled behind a ATV.

  12. Scrappy

    I bought this pump for my cousin in St thomas virgin islands so that he could provide water to his garden from near-by stream. Excellent but due to the fact that the pump is portable and there isn’t
    any nearby electricity. The pump performed very well with very strong suction and discharging good pressure when we attached a 120 ft water hose to the outflow port. My cousin was very please with the pump performance especially the fact that he was able to water all of the plants on one fully charged battery. The plants were extremely happy with the water because at the time, the island was experiencing a drought. Good product indeed.

  13. Sigma 7

    This is a great little pump hybrid and works good for removing rainwater from low spots on lawn. It also has option to use battery power or electrical plug power.

  14. The Leidy’s

    Wish I bought this years ago. It pumps the water out of my spill buckets in minutes without me having to even bend down. Well worth it-battery or AC

  15. LN

    This pump works just fine – it’s easy to use, is reasonable efficient and will be OK for small hobby projects. However, the battery life is very short and the pump has low capacity so pumping anything take a a while. If you need anything that will run for an extended time and really get some water away this isn’t it. But for basic hobby use I can’t find any faults.

  16. Daniel Tseng

    Well designed product that is very easy to use. Battery option is a huge bonus. Suction power is incredible for it’s size. The front window can be removed if any small rocks get caught in there so easy to fix if the rotor gets jammed. Having the case to keep everything together makes it very convenient.

  17. T. Vetter

    I use this on my small ranch to move about 350 gallons of water a week. Works great. I like everything about it… especially, its cordless ability.

  18. jtass

    We use rain barrels to water our flower pots. It takes a long time to fill sprinkling cans or buckets to do this the pump makes this so much easier to get the water and reach not just the pots but also the flower beds. It is easy to set up, and move from barrel to barrel to get this job done.

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