POPULO introduces this product contains 8 different pieces cutter head, which meets your different needs. Made of manganese steel material, the drain cleaner combination is sturdy and durable and easy to operate. It is easy to be installed on the dredging machine and the blade can be easily removed by a key insert the small hole.


  • POPULO 8-piece set of accessories for POPULO 50 FT drain auger machine.
  • POPULO 8 sets are respectively: spade cutter, arrow cutter, c-cutter, retrieving auger, spiral saw tooth cutter, expanding finish cutter, boring bulb cutter, funnel auger, spanner.
  • 1.Spade cutter:Starting tool-for cutting and scraping
  • 2.Boring Blue Cutter:Starting Tool-for removing loose objects
  • 3.C-Cutter:Finish Tool-for grease stoppages and cleaning pipe walls
  • 4.Arrow cutter(2 pieces):Finishing Tool-for scraping the inside edges of pipes.
  • 5.Funnel Auger:Starting Tool-for use in exploring an breaking up stoppages or returning sample to surface to determine correct tool.
  • 6.Expanding Finish Cutter:Finish Tool – for final removal of material adhering to walls and certain roots of fibrous nature.
  • 7.Spiral Saw Tooth Cutter :Starting Tool – for clearing any stoppage roots, rags, stick etc.
  • 8:Retrieving Auger:Starting Tool – for use as second tool in line. Breaks up remains of stoppage left by straight auger.
Shank Type Straight
Tool Flute Type Spiral

Buy On Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09MFC6HVS?ref=myi_title_dp


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