drain snake


drain snake


A drain snake, often seen as a perfect tool for drain cleaning. The Drain Snake is a simple hand tool that is inexpensive and can save you a ton of money rather than the expense of having a professional plumber come to your door to clear a blockage, although using a drain snake can be a painstaking job. If you have a home, you need to have a drain auger on hand at all times—just as it makes sense to have a toilet plunger in an emergency. The Manual Household Plumber Snake 16.4FT from Populo Tools is a good choice for you.

However, sometimes your drain snake doesn’t work as expected. The auger cable cannot go down the pipe; or if it does enter the pipe, it will not bring out any clog. Learn the top reasons why drain snakes aren’t fixing clogged pipes, and the fixes to get them running smoothly in no time.

  1. Drain snake size doesn’t match the unclogging scene

You may not be using the correct drain snake. Your local hardware store may only stock one type of drain snake. But there are several types of drain snakes available, and it’s important to use the right one for the job.

  1. Drain snake doesn’t rotate

When the cable doesn’t spin, the problem might be that you didn’t tighten the

drain auger’s thumbscrews. Before each use, inspect the cable for damage and tightening.An under tightened thumbscrew is a common reason why a drain snake doesn’t work. You must make sure that the thumbscrews holding the cables inside the drum or handle are securely tightened. Otherwise, when you twist the handle, the cable won’t spin at all.

  1. Drain snake can’thook the blockage

Drain snake is great for hooking hair that gets clogged in the bathroom plumbing. But if it is a big clog in the pipe, its power may not be enough, you need to replace the electric drain auger to solve the clog.

  1. Drain snake can’thook the blockage

If you’re using an old drain snake, the cable is likely too old to work properly. It is a good way to buy a replaceable cable. Or you didn’t clear any remaining blockage on the head of cable, preventing the drain snake from working properly.

  1. Drain snake cannot go down the tub

Due to the different construction of the plumbing for the tub and the kitchen sink, there are sharp bends under the tub that hold the P-trap, making it difficult to force the drain snake cable through the water. You should split the drain pipe under the sink and insert the drain snake into the horizontal branch drain.

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