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Manual Plumbers Snake PMDA5

Clog Remover for Sinks, Toilets, and Bathtubs.

The POPULO plumbers snake PMDA5 is a cost-efficient and versatile tool for any household or professional, portable for easy navigation & placement. Two-way manual rotating handle easily advances and retracts cable. And the 2-modes design also makes it possible to install an electric drill drive to increase power, connect the electric drill and the drain auger through the built-in drive bar.

Multiple Use to Clear Most of Clogs: POPULO plumbers snake is professionally used for various drains such as kitchen, bathroom, utility sinks, bathtubs, shower drains, sewers, and floor drains. The plumbers snake is equipped with special tips for clearing downspouts and even central vacuum lines. The pipe cleaner comes with a pair of gloves, which help to keep your hands clean and safe.(Not recommended for use on the toilet)

Simple and portable: This plumbers snake drains auger comes with 16.4 ft of heavy-duty spring steel cable that goes beyond traps to remove most household clogs. Drum Diameter is 5.9 inches, the best high drum auger for unclogging drains and keeping your drains flowing smoothly.


Reusable Plumbing Snake: Features a lasting and durable firm drum housing for easy use. It will be more convenient to use with cordless drills. This hand-driven drain auger will clear your household drain clogs easily without calling a plumber, for decades of money-saving service.


Easy Handling and Detailed Instructions: The flexible spring can be bent more than 90 degrees without breaking or kinking, which enables you to reach the sink clogs efficiently. POPULO drain cleaner can be used manually or plugged in an electric drill, which helps to remove the blockages more conveniently.


Quality Products and Services: This drain cleaner is a humanized product designed specifically for the American people, we can assure you that our products are of top quality. If you are not satisfied with our drain auger, please feel free to contact us for everything!


sink snake

The head of the three-jaw chuck

Three chucks can perfectly control flexible shaft extension and contraction. Used as a manual auger, the drain cleaner has a swivel handle to manually move the snake in and out of the drain, and an easy-to-use trigger that rotates clockwise and counterclockwise to stretch and contract the cable respectively

toilet snake

Comfortable handle

The handle design of the drain auger is ergonomic, the non-slip handle is comfortable to hold and can be folded.

pipe snake

Easy to operate

For use as a hand auger, the drain cleaner features a turn handle that manually spins the drain auger cable in and out of the plumbers snake and an easy-to-use trigger to extend and retract the cable.

drain cleaning tools

Dual-purpose plumbers snake

Can be used by hand alone or with an electric drill.








  • Cable Length: 16.4 ft. (7mm x 5m)
  • Drum Diameter: 5.9 inch (150mm)
  • Max Rotary Speed: 500 rpm
  • Dredging Capacity: 0.75 inch -2 inch. (19-50mm)
  • Weight: 4 lbs (1.8kg)

What’s in Box:

  • Plumbers Snake x 1
  • Groves x 1
  • Hex drive bar x 1
  • English manual x 1


Size: 11.85 × 7.24 × 6.69 inches
30 × 13.38 × 17 cm
Weight: 5.08pounds


drain auger

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  1. Austin

    Unclogged my toilet. Worth the money.

  2. Ben

    It works as its described. A little hard by hand but not bad. Would suggest using a drill with it and works easily and pretty darn good too! Happy with this purchase

  3. E & D

    It appears this auger has finally overcome a really troubling toilet clog. The thin snake requires some finesse, I was finally able to get it down plumbing by using a very slow speed on a light impact driver drill. Doing it manually per the directions was causing it to double back. But that worked, and the thinness is necessary to get the light weight and compact size. Anyway, it seems to have resolved the problem after a traditional auger failed after several uses.

  4. Melissa

    Well, old lady with arthritic hands thought she could use it herself. When I tried it out with my drill I didn’t think it was working. When the 1/2″ snake the plumber used wasn’t working he asked for it and finished the job with it. So, even though I can’t use it myself, I will be keeping it for when the plumber comes and his snake is too big for the job, or maybe even my handyman will be able to use it next time. Either way, it did the job! I think the plumber needs to get one. I almost tipped him with it but gave him a $20 instead.

  5. Clayton M. Kirkland

    Arrived promptly, as advertised. Attempted to use it to clear clogged toilet. Made several attempts, but just didn’t get it done. Called a plumber. He used a larger, but similar device and quickly cleared the obstruction. Hope to not have to attempt to use it again any time soon.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Works like a champ

  7. T. Lewis

    I owned a larger, metal, version of this that didn¡¯t even work twice. This one works well. I¡¯ve used it several times, in several different ways to clear cliffs and even the vent stack, that had a small animal nest blocking it.

    I discovered it works best to feed it slowly into the pipe with the manual crank and then use the drill to bring it back quickly.

    I¡¯ve seen some reviews saying it¡¯s heavy but I¡¯m 58 and managed to use it while standing on a ladder. Of course there¡¯s some weight involved. It¡¯s a steel cable.

    Much cheaper than a plumber and seems to work well for small jobs.

  8. Andra

    My dad needed something to unclog his bathroom drain. This snake had the right specifications and snake length for the pipe. The auger feature allowed us to unclog the drain in a relatively short amount of time. It took longer to clean the snake after use.

  9. Amazon Customer

    I usually dont write product reviews but this is one I felt was worth a review. The only reason it is a 4 star and not a 5 star is package didnt include the hex drive bit. Fortunately I many but for other customers they might not be so lucky.

    For as the snake, it is a 5 rating. The drive trigger and chuck mechanism works great for extending and retracting the auger. Just reversing the drill in and out allows you to work those clogged areas and really open up the drain. So far it looks very durable. I highly recommend this product for any homeowner. After using it would recommend taking it out in the yard, fully extending the auger, rinse it off well and lightly coating with an oil like WD40 to keep is in top notch condition.

  10. plumbob

    the handle broke the first time i used it ,so its hard to give it a 5 star rating. the drill part works fine just dont get the wire bent in reverse it wants to break in side the unit.

  11. Ann Grudzinski

    Very hard to work with. Extra hard getting back into unit.

  12. Brent B.

    Good product but the manual handle fell off part way through the first use. Did the job though with my drill connected. Kind of a pain to clean and dry after use took about 20 minutes to clean, and the next day I am still shaking water from it. Probably best for home user only, as repeated use of a pro would kill this quickly I expect.


    I have tried several devices and this one does the job well

  14. shinequa

    Used it to unclog my sink drain and it broke the first use

  15. Amazon Customer

    This thing works great but if you have small hands it may be hard to press in the “clutch” and turn the auger.

  16. George Ma

    save money to hire pumping repare

  17. Garrito

    Works fast no kinking as in prior models I used.

  18. Jim Redner

    The handle is too wide and the heavy cord holder makes using that tool difficult for average size hands. Avoid using the tool manually, use the drill and glue the hex key into the auger so you don’t loose it.

    The gloves are decent. Clean the cord well, it looks like it is prone to rust.

  19. Latisha Moore

    Amazing product just used first time a clogged my toilet.

  20. marylou head

    Easy to use, good instructions, worked like a charm

  21. Shari

    easy to use

  22. Ronald

    seems to work good, easy to use and built pretty good, just have to be easy with any snake so you dont break the wire or get it stuck, take your time and dont force it, let it do the work and this should last a good long time.

  23. Amazon Customer

    I used it for a small clog and it worked great! It is well built and feels solid. I had zero issues pulling the snake out by hand or hand cranking it or using a cordless drill. It does pay out and retract a lot faster with a drill. It will give you a workout and can be a little difficult to hold for long periods of time if you have smaller hands. Not a design flaw, it is what it is. The snake is made of steel and can scratch porcelain or chrome surfaces. Use your brain and lay down some towels or tarps for protection. For basic home or small commercial use, I would recommend it.

  24. G.A.

    Just looked beafier and in person felt tougher in my hands than other more common models looked. It’s a bit shorter than others, but if sink drain stays clear then I say it was worth it, but will report back if I wind up having to get a longer version.

  25. Steven

    This tool is on the cusp of home vs. commercial grade. There is no doubt in my mind that it could be used by a licensed plumber. The design and manufacturing are top notch. Before this one I tried a less expensive one and it broke first use. This piece was able to get the drain working again.
    Be sure to read the manual and learn how to use the locking part and the fwd/back options.
    Couldn¡¯t be happier to own this.

  26. Erik

    The tool got the job done but it was a pain. Mostly user failure but the hold down to get it to push/pull is a pain.

    Over all I was underwhelmed.

  27. Matthew C Larsen

    Great well built and love the drill attachment. It could be geared to operate faster as it does take a long time to fully extend and retract

  28. Bwenger

    This is simple well constructed and easy to use. Very worthwhile purchase

  29. Serrano

    Worth the money, easy to use and a must have when owning a house!

  30. D. Rapp

    I have to auger one of my bathtubs about twice a year. This last time, my old basic red-plastic $20 hardware-store hand-crank plumbing snake (that has worked every time for the past 40 years) could not budge the blockage. As in, it would hit it hard and just not push through nor grab anything to pull out.

    This Populo, attached to an 18V cordless drill, worked exactly as in the video. I just kept auto-feeding it in at a moderately-low RPM. When it hit the block, I just let it turn for a bit, then resumed auto-feed and it broke through and kept going. Eventually, the standing water in the tub slowly swirled and then, whoosh, pipe cleared – all good.

    Then, my favorite feature, since you can auto-retract the spring, that allowed me to dry it and lubricate it as it neatly stored itself back into the spool.

    What a great tool for an otherwise unpleasant task.

  31. keith

    I used to clear a downspout with enough debris – old enough – to have made a dirt like clog. I ran the auger through the drain – it managed the transitions from the gutter into the downspout and the double bend to the straight part of the downspout no problem. It bored through just fine. Ran the hose and it was draining but just through the hole the auger made. Ran water from the gutter while “reaming” with the auger and within a very short time had full volume going down the spout. Note – if you have a secondary drain you should disconnect that or the clog will just move further down. Easy and quick.

  32. Gary

    Works great

  33. Boater

    Worked as promised, the only thing that kept me from giving 5 stars is the 16 foot length, the length proved adequate however every inch seemed to be needed. Using a power drill saved a lot of aggravation. Yes, the clog was cleared and the drain is working!

  34. Enrique H.

    I paid $80 each time the plumber came and in 15 minutes I did the job myself It was easy to use, a very good investment

  35. Isaiah Richards

    This first thing I noticed when I picked up this auger, especially compared to the cheap Harbor Freight one I had bought previously, is that this thing really feels high quality. My apartment is very old and the shower drain likewise so I needed an auger that had a tip that wouldn’t catch on the rusted out pipes, this one did the job. The auto feed works great and is pretty dummy proof since it’s based off of your grip strength on how tough it will feed. The way it’s engineered to work with a drill is super slick as well and they even included the drill bit needed. Only drawback I found is that it’s a little hefty and took some endurance to use but it was worth it in the end since it worked perfectly. To summarize everything, this is the tool you’re looking for if your drains are clogged, you won’t find anything else in this price-range that even comes close.

  36. adrian perregaux

    The Populo worked it’s magic. My clog was cleared in less than 15 minutes. All is WELL!

  37. SAS67

    Exactly as described… Highly recommend!!!

  38. jahaziel arechiga

    Populo tiene el mejor servicio a cliente que he visto… el producto es de buena calidad, se siente robusto con materieles de 1ra… el el primer producto de Populo que he comprado en Mexico, y les aseguro que comprare mas. Gracias

  39. Kathryn Schauberger

    Works as advertised. Had to use with a drill. Trying to use with the hand crank impossible. But cleared the drain with no problem.

  40. Paul Miller

    Used for shower drain, seems like a decent product but a little eary to tell about its longevity.

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