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Maintenance is a long-time investment. Regular maintenance and cleaning of tools can extend their useful life, which is an effective long-term investment. 

  1. Storage Environment

First of all, it should be stored in a clean, moisture-free, relatively constant temperature environment, as far as possible away from dust, water and corrosive chemicals, so as to avoid the occurrence of cable rust events.

  1. Protect CabLE

Cables are used as terminations for drain work and are usually exposed to drain pipes. Depending on the level of maintenance, it may need to be replaced after a few months of use, or it may last up to a year. Protective oils inhibit rust, reduce moisture, and prevent odors in dirty drains. Dab the oil generously on the new cable with a rag, then after wrapping the cable, spray more oil into the roller to ensure complete coverage. After a new cable has been put into service, it is usually oiled once a week when it is retrieved.

  1. Clean the Cable

After each use, the drain pipe needs to be cleaned, and this process initially cleans the cable. Because the clean water used to flush the drain after breaking the blockage cleans everything in the drain. However, this rinsing rarely removes all the sticky material, and water adhering to the cable can build up in the drum and cause the snake to rust. In addition to shortening the lifespan of cables, rust can create messes in customers’ homes that must be cleaned up, extending talk time. Using leather gloves to loosely hold a rag around the cable when retrieving the snake will keep water out of the drum and keep the cable in top shape.

  1. Replace the Cable

If wear is felt during use, the cable must be replaced. The cables are often coiled inside the drum or extend into the drain, so it is difficult to detect the level of wear. Rotation of the cable needs to be taken care of during use: fluctuations of up to an inch in the cable represent normal operation; anything more than this indicates wear. When the waves reach 2 to 3 inches of movement, it’s time to replace.

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