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PopuloTools focuses on the development of various types of drain cleaning tools suitable for different scenarios, most of which are composed of drums and cables. In the process of unclogging the pipeline, the cable of the drain snake needs to feed into the pipes with sewage to hook out the blockage. Sewage, grease and dirt in the drain pipe will cause certain damage to the cable. If the cable is not maintained in time, it will easily rust, which will have a certain impact on the next pipe dredging work. However, routine maintenance is necessary for drums and cables. Populo teams provides some tips on how to take care of it and make it becomes best drain snake.

  1. Use lubricating oil

After each use of drain auger, Populo teams will coat the snake with gear oil or regular motor oil to prevent rust. This will extend the life of the cable so that the cable does not need to be replaced every time.

  1. Clean the DRAIN SNAKE

Pull the cable out of the drum after use, then coil it in a bucket filled with detergent. Be careful when doing this, be sure to dry the cable after cleaning. It can be wiped dry with a rag and maintained with lubricating oil. 

  1. Unplug

Some models of drain snakes may have plugs that allow water to accumulate in the drums after unclogging. Unplug the plug and let the water flow out, which is also a must-have step to prevent rust.

If you take the time to follow Populo Teams to learn how to maintain cables and drums, your drain auger will live longer, which will save a lot of money. But remember to check the cable before each use, so as not to have an impact on dredging due to poor maintenance.

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